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Paypal and Online Casinos, where do we stand?

As someone who deals with a lot of online gamblers, especially those new to online casinos, one of the first thing that gets asked is about Paypal, and the ability to use Paypal to make deposits as well as collect winnings.   The answer is a confusing we used to, we can´t currently, but things are starting to look more promising and we should be able to use Paypal with online casinos again soon. In 2006, the US congress passed the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. (UIGEA) which made it illegal for US banks and payment processors to transfer money back and forth between gamblers and online casinos.  In an ironic, and probably planned twist, credit cards were for the most part excluded from this law. The law itself is vague about some things and has allowed many smaller payment processors to risk it.  So even know if you visit any online casino, more than likely you will see a handful of companies with similar business models as Paypal available for use. The main reason Paypal never took the plunge to test the waters was  because their size and popularity and most importantly because they functioned as a subsidiary of Ebay.  Paypal dwarfs their competition, and so while the smaller payment processors were able to sneak under the radar, a company as big as Paypal would get noticed and would...

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What effect will a Trump presidency have on online casinos?

For those of us who spend a lot of time involved with online casinos, the prospects of what will happen with a Trump Presidency is kinda like listening to Vizzini from the Princess Bride trying to decide from which cup of wine to drink.  There are cases to be made on both sides, so let´s take a look at some of the major considerations without making our heads spin.  And who knows, maybe just like Vizzini, it won´t matter which side with think is more likely to happen. The most obvious, in your face fact, is that Trump is a casino guy.  It is where he made his name ( literally, in 100 foot letters).   So at the very least, we are getting a President who is not morally or ethically opposed to gambling.  With a Republican candidate there is always a chance that you might get one who has religious or moral objections… but that won´t be the case with Trump. But on the other hand,  Trump owned and operates physical casinos.  There is obviously some competition between Vegas style casinos and online casinos and a person big into boosting profits for physical casinos might think hindering online gambling as a viable tactic.  This becomes even more important because some of the biggest owners of casinos are large supporters of the Republican Party, and so will have a lot...

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