Author: Ryan Web

A Few Casino Terms to Know

Just like any other form of entertainment, the casino scene has it’s own glossary of words that players may or may not know. Depending upon how much time you’ve spent at the casino, some of these terms might sound familiar while others might just leave you scratching your head. No matter where you stand as far as vocabulary at the casino, you can head to any local casino and still have the time of your life even if you don’t speak a lick of gambling English. Some official terms: These are official terms which casinos will use all over the world. They typically don’t change and the players will also know these terms as well. They are a big part of how the gaming world operates smoothly and can be found in a dictionary. Action: The total amount of money that you have won. Drop: The amount of money that is traded for chips at the tables. Shoe: The device that holds the cards at table games. Bankroll: The player’s total money in hand to be used on game play. Check: This refers to the Casino Chips. Terms for people: These on the other hand aren’t used as widely and for the most part are only known by casino staff members. They use these terms on walkie talkies when speaking among themselves and peforming security checks on some of...

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Gambling by Definition: Making Money While Having Fun

Defining gambling is talking about money or another value that we wager on a specific event. This is the simple definition, but gambling is much more than that. Not knowing the outcome of the event is what makes gambling challenging and allows the creation of stakes, which are nothing more than the odds that we have to win, if we get right the outcome of that certain event. Complicated or fun? Gambling is fun because we are able to put all of our guessing skills into an exciting high stakes game. We can gamble playing poker, blackjack, roulette or simply guessing who will win the next presidential election. Sometimes we get an immediate result, like when we are playing a casino game, other times we just need to wait until that event to happen to know the outcome of our bet. The best part is that we can make money while gambling, something that usually doesn’t happen unless we are working. As for what to gamble, we have quite a few options. If we are the casino player type, we can go for table games that include dozens of card games, or electronic games, where we can find the slot machines, video poker and video bingo. If the casino setting is not our thing, we can find alternative gambling action happening outside, like for example bingo, lotteries, scratchcards and...

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