Gambling in Tennessee

State nicknames are often unexplained, but here in Tennessee they posses the nickname of The Volunteer State. The meaning behind the name comes from the amount of volunteers that were involved in The War of 1812. Tennessee is home to over six million residents and is more populated than most of the nation coming in at 17th in terms of rank for population. There are 42,000 square miles in total of land. Gamblers in Tennessee won’t have too many options for game play but they will have one option that will suit the needs of just about any player.

Types of Gambling Found in Tennessee
Tennessee doesn’t have any land based casinos nor does it have any kind if parimutuel betting. Of course, along with 36 other states it does have a lottery which has many different games. Players who are 18 and over will have Powerball, Mega Millions and other gaming choices as well as scratchers to choose from when it comes to supporting the public schools by playing the lottery. Charity Bingo is available for players over 18 as well.