Missouri is home to around six million residents and comes in at number 18 in terms of the largest population. Missouri was the 24th state to join the union in 1821. Missouri is also home to roughly twenty land based casinos. Here they have many different kinds of gambling.

Types of Gambling Found in Missouri
In the United States, the lottery is one of the most common types of gambling found. In fact, 36 of the 50 states feature some form of lottery. Missouri is one of those states that offers several different games for players in the 18 and over category. Here you can find several choices from Mega Millions, Pick 3, Lotto, Powerball and Show me cash. Another form of gambling that is often found is the land based casinos. Some of these will be luxurious resort style accommodations where players can stay and play. The other type of gaming here is the riverboat casino which is found near St. Charles. Players will need to be 21 or over to participate in this type of gambling. Parimutuel betting is a big hit here. Players have racetracks throughout the state for players who are 18 and over. Parimutuel betting is one of the oldest legalized gambling types and it is offered in 43 states.