Rhode Island

Rhode Island is known for many things. One of the most popular statements about this state is that it is the smallest state on the map. It’s tiny, the state spans only 1,000 total square miles in area. With the small size, comes a small population as well but it is not the smallest in population. In terms of population, the state is ranked 43rd in population. There are several nicknames for this state including; Little Rhody, The Ocean State and a couple of others. Though the state is small, you will find several different types of gaming available.

Gambling in Rhode Island
Rhode Island actually has more land based casinos than some of the states on the map. Players here will have two different land based casinos to choose from. Newport Grand Casino and Twin River casino are two of the options. Players here are lucky as they are able to play in land based casinos at just 18 and over. The land based casinos not only welcome players at a young age but they are also able to join in on gaming with table games, slots, keno and much more. Parimutuel betting is also found here. Not only does this state one up the others with land based casinos but it also has both horse and dog racing tracks for bets to be made at 18 too! The lottery is a big help for revenue especially for public school systems. Players can get tickets and play at 18 on games like Wild Money, Million Dollar Raffle, Mega Millions and more.