South Dakota

Home to the most presidential mountain in the United States, South Dakota is known to many as the Mount Rushmore State. Here, you have the 17th largest state in terms of land mass with just over 77,000 square miles. One nice thing about this state is that the land area severely outweighs the population as it is the 46th most populated state with less than one million residents. You can find many different forms of gambling within this great state, you have casinos a lottery and more.

Types of Gambling Found in South Dakota
Despite its smaller size in land, the state actually has more than twenty different land based casinos which is much more than many of the other states. Some of the choices of land based casinos within South Dakota are; Royal River Casino, Tin Lizzie Gaming, Rosebud Casino, Four Aces, Gold Dust Gaming, Grand River Casino, Deadwood Dicks, Celebrity Casino and many others. The casinos’ welcome players who are 21 and over. These casinos are operated by the Native American Tribes within the state. There is also a lottery which allows players who are 18 and over to partake in gaming like Mega Millions, Scratch Tickets, Hot Lotto and Powerball to name a few. In addition to a state lottery and land based casinos, players will have parimutuel betting for race tracks to make bets on horse racing at 18 and over.