The Beehive State of Utah comes with rich history which begins with Mormon settlers. The state is known as the Beehive State because the Mormon settlers carried swarms of bees as their armor. Utah is home to about three million, residents. In terms of the size of he nation, Utah is the 13th largest state with 84,000 square miles of area. Utah is a land of surprises, here there is a city name Levan which is located in the middle of the state, Levan is actually navel spelled backwards so it makes sense.

Types of Gambling Found in Utah
In Utah and Hawaii, you will find zero legal forms of gambling. Some have charity bingo casinos which are paired with dining facilities. This is a loophole which the companies will work around in order to give the bingo players of the state a little action. Within Utah, players will need to purchase bingo tickets along with their dinner in order to play. Some of the places that offer this type of gaming are; Riverdale Dinner & Bingo, Annie’s Dinner & Bingo Club & Southgate Dinner & Bingo. Players will have some traveling to do when looking for these venues as there are just three, but they are placed in different regions of the state.