Vermont is known for a couple of things, one of the most random would have to be that they have the most dairy cows out of all 50 states. Vermont is a smaller state with just 9,000 square miles. The state is ranked 45th in the nation in terms of size. Here, they have a smaller population as well with just over a half a million residents. Vermont was the very first state that was admitted to the union after the ratification of the constitution.

Types of Gambling Found in Vermont
Vermont is home to many different forms of gambling, one you won’t find here is parimutuel betting. Here, the state favors dairy cows over horse racing for bets. Players within the state won’t have land based casinos either, but they do have the lottery and charity bingo. In 1977, the lottery was established with several different games. Players who are 18 and over will have several different lottery styles including; Hot Lotto, Pick3, Pick 4, Instant Games, Scratch Tickets, Mega Millions and many others as well.