Virginia is at the top of the charts in terms of population. Here, the state has more than eight million people. With the large size, there is a smaller area of land. With just 42,000 square miles of land, their state comes in at 35th. The nicknames for Virginia include; The Mother of Presidents which is a pretty big title. The reasoning behind this nickname is George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, William Harrison, Zachary Taylor and many others. Virginia is known to be the birthplace of the nation to some as well.

Types of Gambling Found in Virginia
In Virginia, there are several different ways to play and get paid. There are 36 states which offer a lottery. Many don’t know this, but Virginia was the first state to lead the pack on this very popular type of gambling. Like many states, players must be 18 to buy lottery tickets for; Pick 3, Pick 4, Scratchers, Decades of Dollars, Win For Life, Powerball and Mega Millions. Unfortunately for the citizens of Virginia, there are zero land based casinos within the state. Alternatively, players will have racetracks which they can make bets upon horses. Players will have Colonial Downs as their main source of bets here. Though land based casinos are not found in Virginia due to the lack of votes that were submitted by the voters, some within the state still do want to play.