Washington, the evergreen state of Washington is known for many different things. The Seattle Space Needle is featured in movies, and attracts visitors from around the globe since 1961. Washington has seven million residents and is ranked 13th in terms of population. Seattle is on the smaller side of states in terms of area.

Type of Gambling in Washington
There are several different ways to play in Washington. There are more than thirty different casinos to choose from. Within the state, lawmakers are eligible to create their own age restrictions. Some casinos allow players in at 18, others require players to be at least 21 or over to sign up and play. Casinos in Washington range from Vegas style casinos to just rooms with a few gaming styles within them. Washington offers just about every kind of gaming style within casinos including Texas Hold’em and electronic games like slots and video poker. Other forms of gaming here include parimutuel betting on horses at age 18 and charity bingo as well as a lottery which all starts at just 18.