When you are talking about population, Wyoming has the smallest population in the nation. There are just over 550,000 residents in the state. On the opposing side of the board, the state is actually ranked tenth in the nation as far as the area in square miles. Wyoming has 97,000 square miles of amazing scenery here. Wyoming has a wonderful gaming presence where players will have more gaming here than most of the other states.

Types of Gambling Found in Wyoming
One striking thing about Wyoming, players won’t have a lottery. There are just 14 states where there is not a lottery, each for their own reasons. Most of the reasons include the fact that the lottery is a distraction from the existing land based casinos. Parimutuel betting is offered to players at 18 and over for players who like to make bets on horses and dogs. Land based casinos in Wyoming are few and far between, players are able to enter at 18. There are only two in the state including; Shoshone Rose Casino and Wind River Casino. Players of these casinos will have slots, table games, card games and scratchers. One of the laws pertaining to gambling in Wyoming is that players are actually eligible to be professional gamblers where in most states this is actually illegal.