10 Little Known Facts About Las Vegas

The Bellagio town is known for its size and decadence. With 3,950 rooms, however, the hotel has more rooms than residents in the town of Bellagio for which its names. Although, as a comfort to Italians, size doesn’t really matter.

10 Little Known Facts About Las Vegas, NV

Although Las Vegas has built a long-lasting reputation as a party town, there are still facts about the city unknown to most people. From the unique restaurants to the city’s surprising love of shrimp, here are the 10 top facts you didn’t know about Las Vegas.

1. Shrimp is hot in Las Vegas
And by hot, we mean incredibly popular! You may be surprised to learn that 60,000 pounds of shrimp are consumed every day. To give you an idea of how huge that number is, more shrimp is eaten in Las Vegas than the rest of the United States put together. Maybe it’s the appeal of these lightly flavored crustaceans, but it seems like shrimp is always on the menu when you’re here.

2. Las Vegas almost housed Michael Jackson….well, sorta
Before his tragic death, Michael Jackson was actually going to have a 50-foot tall statue of himself built in the Las Vegas. This much-anticipated publicity stunt was designed as part of his 2005 comeback promotion. However, after his unfortunate death, these plans were scrapped and the statue was never built.

3. The hospital staff have strange hobbies
Working in a hospital certainly can’t be an easy job, but, in Las Vegas, the hospital staff took betting to another level. In 1980, the workers were actually suspended for betting on when certain patients would die. A particular nurse was even accused of causing a patient’s death just to win her bet. So, when you’re visiting the area, avoid being admitted to a local hospital!

4. On your next space trip, view Las Vegas
This bright city is one of the few places that can be seen from outer space. In fact, the Las Vegas Strip is actually the brightest place on earth. If you’ve ever seen the bright lights, you can certainly see why. And, with its dazzling lights, it certainly makes sense that Area 51 was nearby.

5. One hotel outgrew an Italian town
The Bellagio town is known for its size and decadence. With 3,950 rooms, however, the hotel has more rooms than residents in the town of Bellagio for which its names. Although, as a comfort to Italians, size doesn’t really matter.

6. You can pay for your own heart attack
The Heart Attack Grill is probably the eaterie in Las Vegas that deserves the most attention. About two years ago, a customer actually had a heart attack while eating the Triple Bypass burger. With its amazingly unhealthy options, this restaurant still has a steady stream of customers, eager to try their own hand while risking their lives.

7. You can’t stay on the fourth floor
In many Asian cultures, the number four is equivalent to our number 13. In response to international tourism, many of the hotels in Las Vegas actually began keeping the number four from floors and hotel room numbers. As long as the visitors aren’t into golf, they shouldn’t run into any more problems!

8. There’s an underground city
Although the first thought to your mind may be the city of Atlantis, the underground tunnel that runs 200 km beneath the city isn’t quite as picturesque. Over 1,000 call this tunnel home, although few visitors to the city even know that it exists. The worst news is that the tunnel floods regularly during heavy rains. So, keep a watch for waterlogged residents if there’s a heavy downpour.

9. The city has its own piece of the Titanic
Most of the Titanic was left at the bottom of the ocean, but you can find the largest fragment housed in Las Vegas. Take a stroll by the Luxor hotel to take a look. Although the fragment is certainly an interesting part of history, it’s not exactly an upbeat place to visit when you’re trying to kick back and relax. However, if you’ve always wanted to take a look at the monumental ship, you can at least see apart when you’re in town.

10. You’d have to have a cat’s extra lives to sleep around
When you’re in Las Vegas, you’ll probably never stay in the same room twice. There are over 130,000 rooms available in this town. That means if you wanted to spend a night in every room, you’d have to spend 288 years. If you’ve got some extra time on your hands and an early start, you might be able to manage a third of that.

Las Vegas offers its visitors an incredible vacation with fun and strange things to offer each guest. If you don’t have time to visit the Silver State’s most famous city though, take a virtual trip from your own home and check out 32Reds online casino games. They’re just as much fun