19th Hole Casino & Lounge

19th Hole Casino & Lounge

2746 West Tregallas Rd.
Antioch, California 94509

19th Hole Casino & Lounge is fun filled place with table games of many different variations. The casino here welcomes players to a great set of features. There are daily promotions, tournaments and an events calendar which players can check out before they even head to the casino. This particular card room is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The games at 19th Hole Casino & Lounge include Texas Hold’em, No Bust 21st Century Blackjack, Double Hand Poker, Pan, Lo Ball. Seven Card Stud, Draw Poker, Jackpot Games and Pai Gow Poker. At 19th Hole Casino & Lounge, players will have daily specials which are available throughout the week.

Sunday -players will have a $400 freeroll Texas Hold’em Game at noon. The game also comes with drink specials too, players will have 17 hi-definition televisions and NFL & NBA Ticket as added entertainment.

  • Monday - No Limit Hold’em Live Games are Held at 5:30, players will have a $40 maximum buy-in, $200 maximum buy-in and drink specials.
  • Tuesday - Texas Hold’em Tournaments are held at 5:30 with $20 $800 chips, x2 $10 re-buy + $10 bonus.
  • Wednesday - Hold’em tournaments at 5:30 with drink specials and no-limit live games.
  • Thursday - $25 buy-in tournament x1 $10 re-buy and drink specials.
  • Friday - $3-$36 Hold’em Live Games at noon. With $20 first 10 players at 2pm and drink specials.
  • Saturday - $3 - $6 Texas Hold’em Live Game, $400 Freeroll at noon and drink specials.

In addition to these specials, players will also have an events calendar that is available on the website. Keep in mind, promotions do change often so be sure to call ahead to ensure all specials and promotions are still active. For the most part, this casino will have promotions available to it’s players each day.