4 Seasons 3D Slot Review

4 Seasons 3D Slot Review

  • Reels: 5
  • Lines: 30
  • Features and Bonus Games: 4

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The 4 Seasons 3D slot game is a nice mix of relaxing animations, smooth gameplay, decent payline wins and a good number of feature and bonus games. The theme is focused around the Chinese Zodiac with symbols representing the animal signs while the Yin Yang symbol presents the free spins bonus round. The background of your game will change through the 4 Seasons, all displaying amazing 3D graphics. The 4 Seasons 3D Slot gives all players the potential of winning up to an astonishing 750,000 credits!

Normal Play

For your standard payouts in this slot, all symbols landing 5 across the board will payout 50 credits, landing 4 of the same symbol will pay 20 and landing 3 across the board will pay 10. This payout can be multiplied by the Seasonal Wheel feature that we will discuss later. All of the animal signs that make up the Chinese Zodiac are represented in the symbols. For those not familiar with the signs, they are: the Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and the Pig. The symbols are uniquely designed and fit perfectly with the theme.

The Seasonal Wheel Feature (During Normal Play)

The highest paying symbols rotate on the Seasonal Wheel below your slot game giving you chances to win up to 10x your bet. Every 30 spins, the Zodiac Wheel will rotate to a new symbol and while that symbol is selected, the animal covered in gold will pay 10x your bet. The animal directly to the right of left of the golden animal symbol will become silver and pay 5x your bet and the 3 animals left and right of the silver animal symbol will pay 2x your bet! FYI: the Seasonal Wheel rotates counterclockwise.

Golden Cat Wilds

The beautiful Golden Cat symbols are WILD for all symbols except for the Scatter symbol and 5 of them will land you a massive 10,000 credits!

Block Win Combos

In addition to the Seasonal Wheel feature, every winning combo that goes through a vertical block (all three rows) and are at least consecutive twice (excluding the wild symbol) will be multiplied depending on the size of the block. Even if the line pay goes through more than one separate block, both multipliers multiply together. Imagine landing this option plus also getting the Seasonal Wheel multiplier applied?! This makes for a very exciting and generous payout as many times as you can land it during normal play.

Yin & Yang Free Spins

If 3 or more of the Yin Yang Free Spins symbols land anywhere on the reels, the bonus round will start. If you can land 3 symbols, you will get awarded 8 free spins. Landing 4 will award 12 free spins and landing 5 will award 20 free spins. The free spins are played with the same bet as the triggering spins and the chance of retriggers during the bonus round are active.

Heads or Tails

Similar to the Double Up feature in other slot games, you are able to choose the “Double Up” button after a standard winning combo to predict either heads or tails to fall in a coin flip. Any correct guess will double your winnings and an incorrect guess will result in the loss of your winnings. You can Double Up as many times as you want and selecting the Collect button will return you back to the regular game.

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