A Few Casino Terms to Know

Just like any other form of entertainment, the casino scene has its own glossary of words that players may or may not know. Depending upon how much time you’ve spent at the casino, some of these terms might sound familiar while others might just leave you scratching your head. No matter where you stand as far as vocabulary at the casino, you can head to any local casino and still have the time of your life even if you don’t speak a lick of gambling English.

Some official terms:

These are official terms which casinos will use all over the world. They typically don’t change and the players will also know these terms as well. They are a big part of how the gaming world operates smoothly and can be found in a dictionary.

Action: The total amount of money that you have won. Drop: The amount of money that is traded for chips at the tables. Shoe: The device that holds the cards at table games. Bankroll: The player’s total money in hand to be used on gameplay. Check: This refers to the Casino Chips.

Terms for people:

These, on the other hand, aren’t used as widely and for the most part, are only known by casino staff members. They use these terms on walkie-talkies when speaking among themselves and performing security checks on some of the players on the casino floor. Some of the terms found below are actual names of casino positions and in that case, they are real words and can be found in the dictionary while others, may be completely made up.

Pit: The employee of the casino who is behind the table games Pit Boss: The person in charge of the other dealers. Boxman: The dealer in the game of craps, he oversees the bets and payouts. Coupier: This is the Roulette Dealer High Roller: A person who wagers large, numerous times. Junket: A group of high rollers who came in on chartered planes. Laddeman: The supervisor for the game of Baccarat Grinder: The opposite of a high roller Pigeon: Like the name suggests, one who chases their losses. George: A big tipper, the opposite is called a stiff. Whales: Those who can play away millions without care. Fish: A beginner or newbie. Crossroader: Someone who cheats at the casino. Turkey: A player that the dealer does not like due to their own attitude.

Places and Things:

This is a list of different places and the terms caught on over the years making the terms widely used by casino staff and players around the states.

Book: The area where players go to make bets on sports and races. The Cage: This is where all of the money is kept for the casino. Some casinos will have several but most will just have one. Carpet Joint: A casino or area that caters to the high rollers. Sawdust Joint: A casino that caters to low rollers. Folding Money: Cash. Drop Box: Where the cash is kept at table games. The Pencil: An imaginary pencil for the Pit Bosses and other casino employees who have authority. RFB Comp: Room, Food and Beverage Comps. Toke: Tips Hit Me: The phrase used in blackjack when another card is needed.

Now, none of this is relevant to what it’s like in a casino. You may or may not come across these terms and if you do, it might be nice to know what the employees of the casino are talking about.