Baccarat Online

How to Play Baccarat

One of the most interesting gambling games is baccarat, a game that is closely associated with craps. Nevertheless, its uniqueness doesn’t end there, for the game has so much more to offer including its sky high rollers and quite high-class trait that makes it one of the casino games available only at luxurious gambling arenas. Because of this, the game is more often than not deemed as a game for the rich and the moneyed only and not for players who are seeking for a form of diversion they can enjoy every now and then. Fortunately, things have changed and the game has been made available to every casino in the country today. It is for this very reason that the game has become very popular in the gambling scene.

The History of Baccarat

Baccarat or Punto Banco is claimed to have originated in the ancient France. The term is literally French for zero. Nonetheless, this created a commotion since other countries began to raise their claim for the origin of the game. It was only recently when some modern-day historians discovered the real story behind the game. It is said that in the early 80s, an Italian gambler Felix Falguierein gave a formal demonstration on how the game was supposed to be played. However, since he used tarot cards back then, several advocated that he was simply practicing his fortune-telling skill. Several years later baccarat was developed based on how Felix showed the mechanics of the game. It can also be noted that the early royal families patronized this game so much that gambling arenas began to offer the game to the royal blood only; thus, establishing the main reason behind the strong association of the game with the rich and the famous.

The Gaming Setup

In playing baccarat, the game is realized with the help of three dealers. One of these dealers will stand at the center area of the gambling table and he is to act as the croupier in the entire game. Approximately 12 to 14 players can be accommodated in this game; all of them are divided equally throughout the gaming areas of the table. The other two dealers are to stay at the back of the chip rack because they are in charge of paying the winning players for each round. Since the game involves many players, it is important that two dealers be tasked of the payout system to make everything fast and efficient. Nevertheless, the main character in the game is the croupier since he is the one in charge to lead the game as well as verifying the winning gamer/s for every round.

The Gaming Mechanics

Since baccarat is made to accommodate at least 12 players, the game utilizes eight decks of gambling cards. The two dealers at the back of the chip rack are in charge of the manual shuffling of all the cards. The croupier will then take away two decks of cards from the shuffled ones. He wil lace these two in between the remaining cards and will position them carefully in a shoe position. The croupier will ask the first player to become the banker of the game. He is to take four cards: the first two will be handed to the banker and the remaining will be his own cards. Then the banker and teh rest of the players will try to infer the pair of cards with the closest value to 9. If the banker has gotten a vlue greater than that of the croupier, but is less than and is quite close to nine, the players who placed their bets at the banker’s hand will win the round. If not, they win and the rest who wagered on the hand of the banker will win the round.

The Value System

Straight Flush - three consecutive cards that are belonging to the same suit

Three of a Kind - three cards of similar value but are of different suites

Straight - three sequential cards regardless of whether they belong to the same suit or not

Pair - two cards of similar value

High Card - any high-value card