Bay 101

Bay 101 Casino

1801 Bering Dr,
San Jose, CA 95112
(408) 451-8888

Bay 101 Casino is a great option for players of all walks of life. The casino doesn’t actually offer slots but it does off the classic table games and takes on the experience of a traditional card room. Players will have this casino available to them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Here, you have tournaments, promotions and dining choices to choose from while seeking out some of the best tables in the area. In addition to really great service inside the casino, players have really great service from the beginning of their visit to the end. Players will have security escorts, well lighted parking lots, 24 hour security patrol and multi-lingual security staff.

Bay 101 Casino offers Poker Games where players will be able to make bets from $1-$2 to spread limit games and betting up to $200. Players will have choices like Hold’em Games which are the post popular types of table games in the land. Omaha High-Low Split is another great choice for players which is a variant of the ever-popular hold’em games. For more information on the limits, players can check out the website.

There are three different ways to dine at this great casino. Sutter’s Broiler is one of the dining choices where players can watch televised games while choosing from Asian and American food that is available from 6:00am to 2:00am each day. The next offering is Shuffles Deli, this is your 24 hour a day spot which offers deli-style foods like sandwiches, cups of soup, pizzas, hot dogs or ice cream. Looking for something light? Snacks and beverages are available too. Another 24 hour a day dining option is table side dining for players who like to dine while they play. Players will have meal options throughout the day or night delivered right to them while they hit up the gaming tables.