Birds! 3D Slot Review
Reels: 5
Lines: 25 Pays
Features and Bonus Games: 1

There are no amount of words to really describe Birds! 3D slot to give it justice. It is something you just have to see for yourself to really grasp how cool the overall game is. If you can picture this, just imagine the paylines being power lines and the symbols being actual birds that come and go with each and every bet that you make. It is truly a 3D gaming experience that will have you telling everyone about it even after you are all done cashing out.

Normal Play
As mentioned before, the paylines are a set of power lines up in the sky and sitting on those lines at the start of the game is a nice mix of birds which will actually be your paying symbols. The birds seem to have their own individual personalities and even if you just sit and watch them without making a bet, they will still engage on the screen. When you make your bets, these birds fly off to the right of the screen and a new set of birds arrive and land where the others left. The highest paying bird is a multi-colored wild bird and this bird will substitute any of the other birds to form a winning line. Three or more wild birds will earn up to 182 credits per bird.

Double Up Feature
After each standard winning bet, you will have the option to double your winnings by pressing the “double up” button at the bottom of the slot game (next to the spin button). Whether you win or not depends on your choice in the coin flip. You will always have a 50/50 chance of doubling your winnings!

Free Flights Feature
There is a Free Flights Meter that you will notice on the left side of the game and each time a winning flight of birds takes off of the reels in a round, the meter will fill. When the meter reaches 4, free spins will be triggered. The number of free “rounds” awarded will increase with each flight of birds in the round. 4 flights = 8 free rounds of spins, 5 flights = 12 free rounds, 6 flights = 20 free rounds and 7 or more flights will award 14 free rounds + the number of triggering flights. During the free rounds, even more, can be re-triggered an unlimited amount of times, so keep playing!

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  1. sherkev

    This slot machine might surprise you when you hit the spin button for the first time. It’s hard to describe specifically but this slot is really 3D in all sense of the word. When you make your bet and hit spin, all of the birds get up and fly away and then the next set of birds come behind them and replace them on the wire. It’s crazy to watch but highly recommended.


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