Blackjack Party Pits and The House Edge

How the House Edge is Effected in Blackjack Party Pits

Blackjack party pits are the latest in gaming trends for table games. Just as we thought they might be phasing out the real dealer table games and replacing them with the electronic games, we found out we were dead wrong. Not only are table games hot and happening but they are adding more to many of the land based casinos with high traffic such as those found in Las Vegas and other places. The party pits are just what you would think of when it comes to the name. You have loud bumpin music, blackjack tables, drinks flowing and often times, attractive dealers and dancers. Some might wonder, how is it that the house edge changes with these types of gaming choices.

To pay for the atmosphere created by the casino such as the dancers, extra drinks and expensive sound equipment, the casino slips in additional blackjack rules that are often times unfavorable to players in all sorts of ways just on the party pit games. For example, the most commonly found is to make 6:5 payouts on natural blackjacks instead of the 3:2 payouts. This makes a world of a difference because the small change in numbers will change the house edge from just 0.5% to 1.9%. On top of this, some casinos will allow the dealers to hit on a soft 17, that there pushes the lower house edge up to 2% so you’re going from 0.5% to 2%. Each casino’s party pit will have different rules so be sure to check those out prior to sitting down if you’re in it for the money. If you are in it for the experience, this is a really great place to get in some dancing, drinks, and gaming all at once.

Seasoned players, those who are more serious about the actual game of Blackjack might wonder why someone would subject their money to more rules but the end result is simple, players might not know that there are these rules associated with the party pits because they are essentially still the game of Blackjack. Like mentioned before, a lot of people are first-time gamers and are looking for anything that is fun, the party pits tend to draw a lot of attention with the lights and sounds especially for those who have already been drinking.

The question of whether or not you should play at party pits still lingers, players will want to weigh the pros and cons for themselves to make an educated decision. Are you playing for money? If so, a traditional Blackjack table is more of your speed. If you are looking for a party atmosphere you will more than likely want to keep the party going with a party pit. Since you have already recognized that by playing at a party pit, you will be giving the casino a whole lot more profits, more than likely if you do choose a party pit, you won’t stay for very long if you’re into doing the math that is associated with Blackjack. For some other casinos, their rules are very minor, for example, some players won’t be able to re-split aces and won’t have the chance to double down after splitting. These are important to factor into your pros and cons too as they are very minor to some players.

Blackjack at Cafe Casino

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Along the mid-section of Cafe Casino’s website, you’ll see a dedicated section just for Blackjack, this means the brand takes their 21 gaming seriously. The casino offers many different styles of gaming which include traditional styles of 21 as well as new and improved choices which bring even more thrills to the already exciting game of Blackjack. One of the more unique options which is only available at Cafe Casino and a selection of others, players will have the opportunity to select how they’d like their Blackjack game to look. For example, upon entering the game, you can choose which colors you’d like as well as the images that are available on the cards. You can go from classic to modern with just one click of a button!

At Cafe Casino, players are welcomed to get into the gaming action at just 18 years of age or older. Upon signup, there are several welcome bonuses that are available which give a ton of different options as far as real money incentives and much more. Cafe Casino has options of mobile gameplay, instant play and downloadable casino gameplay too!