Card Counting Legend Arnold Snyder

Blackjack Legend Arnold Snyder

To become legendary in anything is quite the accomplishment. Especially when it comes to Blackjack because most of the time this means you’ve come upon millions for doing something that you love. In the world of Blackjack, there are legends for card counting, for betting system creation and contributions to the classic card game. The game as a whole brings players to a wide variety of different betting systems and ways to play. Arguably, the game of odds is one of the most recognized games around the world.

Arnold Snyder became a Blackjack legend for counting cards. He was the founder of the term and usage of deck penetration. This is where we see how far into the deck the dealer is before the cards are reshuffled during a classic game of Blackjack at a table at the casino. Deck penetration is a key component when it comes to counting cards thus the reason for Arnold’s legendary status within the Blackjack community.

Created by Arnold Snyder was a book The Blackjack Formula, this book talked about all things Blackjack and how to beat the system. From there it was onward and upward with the creation of the Blackjack Forum which is alive and well today in the form of a website (it was created initially as a trade journal that talked about the strategies of Blackjack and events with interviews and all other things Blackjack. The forum is still widely used today and Arnold still oversees the operations there.

Since Arnold received a lot of success from his book being published, he’s continued to put out literature surrounding the game of Blackjack. Books include Big Book of Blackjack, The Blackjack Shuffle Tracker’s Cookbook, The Poker Tournament Shuffle Tracker’s Cookbook and more. His books are found throughout the world in various different places which allows for worldwide fame.

Arnold Snyder has become an advocate for big players in the Blackjack world, players like Tommy Hyland who have had to duke it out with the casinos after he was banned from playing in their facilities and tournaments. Arthur is also asked on a normal basis to testify in numerous cases around the world.