Casino War Online

How to Play Casino War

If you are up for some upscale casino rambling, then casino war is definitely the game for you. Unbeknownst to many people, casino war is not at all a real conflagration, but it is a unique casino game with peculiar mechanics and gameplay. Nevertheless, the game lives upon to its name simply because players do challenge each other and try as much as possible to beat every card their opponents have. For many professional players, this game is as easy as pie. To some though, the game is still difficult to master and requires much practice in order for them to end up in a win-win situation against their opponents. Truth is: no one actually has the best set of strategies to conquer this game, for the best players are those people who fully understand the rudiments of this game by heart.

The History of Casino War

Historically speaking, casino war was simply a plain gaming pastime, and it was back then referred to as “war.” Players are given a set or a stack of cards that is equivalent to half a deck. Then, each player is tasked to beat as many cards as possible from his other opponents, with the ultimate goal of winning at least half of what he has in his stack of cards. Later, the game became a hit and gained popularity amongst many gamblers. Thus, the game was then made to cater many players by simply adding up the number a few more decks in the game and dividing everything equally to all of the players in the table.

The Gaming Setup

Since the game doesn’t have concrete rules and strict mechanics, it can be played in any type of gambling desk or table. The number of decks used in every game depends on the number of players who are willing to participate. Although this is true for most casinos, there are still others that use a standard number of decks for the entire game. A shuffling machine is used for a more rapid shuffling process. In a casino war table, one can see that there are wagering circles; this is where the players put their bets. For every gaming table, at least one dealer is in-charge of the entire flow of the game.

The Gaming Mechanics

In every round, the dealer will give out cards to each player. The cards are presented face-up. Then, he also takes a single card for himself or for the house. The players will then be tasked to put their bets on the wagering circles in front of them. Based on the values of the card, the player wins if he has a higher value than that of the dealer’s. On the other hand, if the value of the player’s card is lower, he automatically loses. Winning players who beat the dealer’s card will then receive chips equal to the amount they have wagered.

Despite its quite simple and plain mechanics, the game is still not free from complexities, which only arise when there is a tie. In cases where there is a tie between the dealer and the player, the player is forced to do a double gamble for the next round. This means that he needs to bet a different one apart from the one he has wagered in the former round. Thus, the player is placed in a trickier situation. Prior to the incidence of the tie, the game is in a break-even state. Once a tie has occurred, the player will be betting two wagers for the succeeding rounds. Furthermore, if in case there is still a tie, the player must continue to add more to his bet, making him more vulnerable to losing everything in one shot. The upside to this rule nonetheless is the fact that the player can surrender at least half of his bet and continue to the war so that he is spared for the cumulative effect if a long line of ties will take place.

In addition, there is another option that a player can use to his advantage in beating this double bet round. A tie wager is a type of bet wherein the player is said to win the first tie incident by 10 to 1 payoff. This means that the player thus automatically wins if a tie happens at the start of the game.

The Card Values

Since casino war basically involves a clash between cards there is no need to have special values assigned to each card. They are taken as is depending on their face value. The ace cards are the highest ranking cards in this type of game.