Casinos in Maine

Maine is a great state with a smaller population. The state is ranked 41st with a population of just 1.3 million. The state is also on the smaller side with just 35,000 square feet of land, it’s ranked 39th in terms of area.

Maine joined the union as the 23rd state in 1820, and is located in the New England region of the United States and borders the Atlantic Ocean. The state has a great amount of history dating back centuries.

Gambling History and Scenario

The outlaw of gambling in Maine goes back to 1820 when the state declared gambling illegal. Over one century and a half later, in 1973, this position was changed with the creation of the state lottery. Statistics from 2013 prove this was a good decision, as in that year alone the state residents have spent $230 million in the lottery games.

Part of this money supports the General Fund of Maine, which means millions of dollars for education, infrastructure, and environment. It generates so much money that it’s said that Maine was built from gambling money, which includes churches, schools and even governmental buildings.

The lottery in Maine doesn’t have a weekly draw or raffles, only scratch cards, and pull-tab games, but even so, generates twice the money as casinos and racinos in the state. So, the lottery was approved in the 1970s with more than 80% votes from the citizens in favor, but even so, it took a lot of time, approximately 20 years, for the next change, which was the slots and video poker games at the racetracks.

With these new additions, the racinos added a significant amount of revenues for the state, leading the lawmakers to act fast to allow casinos, which happened in 2012. Maine has now two casinos, Hollywood Casino Hotel, and Oxford Casino, both hosting all types of games: live poker, keno, slots, live dealer table games, and bingo.

These two casinos aren’t small, as the Hollywood Casino has over 1.00 slots and a private poker room, while the Oxford Casino has 30.000 square feet. Maine has come a long way in the past 10 years and is now a friendly state for those enjoying gambling, as most of it is now legal.

New casino talks

Shawn Scott, the Las Vegas millionaire, has plans to build new casinos in Maine, but this is just an intention for now, as no legislation has been approved to allow for this to happen. Even though there is opposition to this, it’s something that can happen in a near future, and the area between New Hampshire and Portland is even being mentioned as the casino location.

Being the plan of a millionaire, efforts are being made to put it to vote, but the lobbies from the existing casino groups are against it, and these are currently the biggest anti-casino forces from the state, even more, when they unite their efforts with the anti-gambling Christian groups, in what turns out to be a big game of interests.

The choice of southern Maine is simply because it’s where most of the population lives, but also where the income is the highest, so it makes perfect sense. More, it’s where the tourists can’t access a casino.

Summing up Types of Gaming Found in Maine

Maine is known to be a gaming friendly state. Here they have two land-based casinos, and Hollywood Slots offer many kinds of gaming styles in great atmospheres. Here players also have pull tabs and bingo where players can be social.

Slots take up most of the gaming floor at Hollywood Slots Casino, but there are a few other games there as well. Pari-mutuel betting has always been found in many different states especially on the East Coast. You will find pari-mutuel betting here too for horse racing with two different racetracks. The racetracks have betting for players who are just 18 and over.

Most states will have a lottery program like Maine, players have games like; Pick 3, Pick4, Hot Lotto and others. Bingo is a major exception within the state where players can use this form of gaming as young as just 16! There are many different types of bingo with charity events and others too which is very popular.

In what concerns online gambling there are no laws directly against it, similarly to what happens in the other US states, but it’s not legal either inside the state’s borders. At the same time, considering there is no record of arrests for online gambling, we consider it to be a relatively safe activity to do when done discreetly.