Casinos in Maryland

Maryland is a smaller state with around 12,000 square miles of land in total space. Despite its small size, the state is ranked 19th in terms of population with almost six million residents. The nicknames here are not so intuitive, some of them include; Little America, Free State, Old Line State, America in Miniature. The state was admitted to the union in 1788 as the 7th United State.

Gambling History

The state not only has a lottery but many other different types of gaming which start at 18 or over, and going back in history we do find curious information regarding slot machines. Back in the days, Nevada was the only place were slots were legal, and this happened for decades. However, between 1947 and 1968 the slots were legal in Maryland too, the whole 21 years.

This curiosity makes Maryland the unique state to have banned gambling and bringing it back again, setting the stage for the moderate and passionate relationship of Maryland with slots, table games and gambling in general.

The slots were legal in 1947 in four counties in Maryland, but for this to happen they had to ignore a veto from the state governor. 9.300 slots were installed, and they made millions with it, existing an estimate of $24 million just for the year of 1963. The interest was so much that it became the main point of attraction in the region.

Finally, in 1968, Maryland declared slot machines illegal, and it took the state 40 years to approve an amendment, in 2008, to make slots legal again, but just in 5 locations. More, in 2012 the voters decided to expand the legal games, including table games as well. Not only was the type of gaming expanded, but also the casino operating hours and also the creation of a sixth casino.

Anne Arundel, Cecil County, Worcester County, Baltimore City, and Prince George’s County are the locations of the 5 casinos, and the new one, which opened in 2017, is the MGM National Harbor. All these casinos have been generating a big interest, as the $128 million revenue just for February 2017 proves.

Impressive as well that the MGM National Harbor made close to $50 million on its first month. This is recent casino history, as the first casino just opened in 2010, the Hollywood Casino Perryville. It was the first to open, but it’s probably the most modest one, as the other four casinos that opened until 2014 are bigger and with more offer.

The Maryland Live! The casino is the largest one, offering 4,000 slots, more than 200 table games and a massive poker room with 52 tables. With this poker room, it’s no surprise that the World Poker Room stops there every year. The recreational side of the casino features 8 restaurants, a hotel with almost 400 rooms, and an entertainment room with 1,500 seats.

The success of this casino is not only due to its facilities but also because of its location. Being a populous state, Maryland’s casinos are close to big cities, and the Maryland Live!, for example, is just 15 minutes away from Baltimore and under an hour from Washington D.C.

Even Philadelphia and Dover are just two hours away, and certainly that the WPT event, among others, will attract many people from there.

Gambling Types Found in Maryland

Maryland has a wide variety of gaming options that are available. Maryland is one of 36 different states which offers a lottery for players who are just 18 and over. Many don’t understand the importance of the lottery when it mostly contributes to the public school system.

Maryland’s gaming history began with the lottery back in 1973. Here they offer Keno, Lotto and much more. The lottery is private with an additional lottery option which spans between six different states. Another popular form of betting in this state is pari-mutuel betting which happens to be very popular.

This type of betting is offered with horse racing for those who are 18 and over. One of the tracks, Pimlico Track has been open since 1870 and is one of the oldest in the nation. The track has a rich history including the 1938 race when Seabiscuit won a match against War Admiral, a Triple Crown winner.

Overall, you will have four different racetracks within Maryland. Casinos were introduced to the state in 2008 with the opening of the Hollywood Casino, located in Perryville. Players who want to participate in land gaming will need to be at least 21 to play.

In what concerns online gambling, even if it’s not legal, nothing is done against those playing online. With Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey close by with legal online gambling or in the process of legalizing it, it would be no surprise if also Maryland made online gambling legal too.

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