Casinos in Maryland

Gambling in Maryland
Maryland is a smaller state with around 12,000 square miles of land in total space. Despite its small size, the state is ranked 19th in terms of population with almost six million residents. The nicknames here are not so intuitive, some of them include; Little America, Free State, Old Line State, America in Miniature. The state was admitted to the union in 1788 as the 7th United State. The state not only has a lottery but many other different types of gaming which start at 18 or over.

Gambling Types Found in Maryland
Maryland has a wide variety of gaming options that are available. Maryland is one of 36 different states which offers a lottery for players who are just 18 and over. Many don’t understand the importance of the lottery when it mostly contributes to the public school system. Maryland’s gaming history began with the lottery back in 1973. Here they offer Keno, Lotto and much more. The lottery is private here with an additional lottery option which spans between six different states. Another popular form of betting in this state is parimutuel betting which happens to be very popular. This type of betting is offered with horse racing for those who are 18 and over. One of the tracks, Pimlico Track has been open since 1870 and is one of the oldest in the nation. The track has rich history including the 1938 race when Seabuscuit won a match against War Admiral, a tripe crown winner. Overall, you will have four different racetracks within Maryland. Casinos were introduced to the state in 2008 with the opening of the Hollywood Casino, located in Perryville. Currently there are just two casinos, one is situated next to a racetrack. Players who want to participate in land gaming will need to be at least 21 to play.

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