Common Blackjack Myths Exposed

Blackjack Myths Debunked!

Like anything else that has been around for 100 years, there are many different myths associated with Blackjack. From the way that the game is played to the strategies that are available, players have fallen victim by losing their bankroll one too many times. Here is where you can find out the different things that involve players and their money and how to avoid them. While we do read a good amount of truths online, we often see too many falsified statements. Some might not be put out there maliciously and are simply just lost in translation.

Myth 1: Hitting 21

Most of the time, in short, the game of Blackjack is described as a game where the first person to 21 wins. While this is a part of the game, it’s not always how a player will win the game. The chances of winning are higher if you are looking for 21 but it isn’t what the game’s focus should be on solely. The focus with the game of Blackjack should be just to beat the dealer’s hand. To get away from the idea that you will need to hit 21 each and every time is this; focus on your dealer’s up card. If you hit a 12 and theirs is only a 6, you are closer to 21 than they are, meaning you could stand and see that the outcome may actually be more in your favor.

Myth 2: You Can Lower the House Edge

The house edge’s lowest is 0.5%. This is a fact unknown to many players as most of us see the house edge usually at around 1% to 2% at it’s lowest. The game is different in each and every casino as well as at each and every different table. The players will want to look for games that have a 3:2 payout instead of the 6:5 payout. On top of this, you need your dealer to stand on 17, these two factors will lower the house edge by a whopping 1.5% giving you a much bigger advantage.

Myth 3: Bad Players

Often times this is just a term that is thrown around when a player is upset at the hands they were dealt. Some might be bad at Blackjack simply for making bad decisions but they aren’t overall bad players. Some feel like one person could lose the table an entire game, however, as often as this player is “losing” a game for the table, they are “losing” a game for the dealer as well so this is also solely a myth.

Players will love the game of Blackjack no matter how they decide to play the game. The game is made for entertainment purposes and without all of the strategies and betting myths and all of that, the game can be loads of fun whether a player is online or at a land-based casino.

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