Common Gambling Myths

There are dozens of locations in the world where gambling has a big tradition, and this has generated a lot of interesting stories.

Some of these stories are true, others not really, but this is what happens when there is so much interest in an activity. Let’s take a look at some of the things that are said about gambling.

Oxygen pumping

There is the claim that casinos have the habit to pump additional levels of oxygen into the gaming areas so that the gamblers don’t feel tired and keep on playing. Of course, this is a false claim, as it’s an illegal procedure that this billion industry doesn’t use.

The dealer and the boot

Now we are telling a true story that happened in 1993. A blackjack dealer decided to drop a silver dollar from the gamblers he was dealing with down his boot, and as this happened without no one noticing, he managed to cash in $20 that night.

The next day he repeated the stunt, but this time instead of just $20 he decided to go for 10 times that value, but the issue happened when he stood up, the weight in his boot made him fall and all the coins came out of the boot.

Denied jackpots

Everyone loves gambling, but to some, there is a legal problem called age. Even if there are ways around that to gamble, when it’s the time to collect the prize, if we are underage, we might be in serious problems.

This actually happened in 1987, when Kirk Erickson won over a million dollars at the Caesar’s Palace, but say a court denied him the prize because he was just 19 years old. I can’t even imagine the disappointment.

Bathroom Tales

A lot is said about bathroom breaks or the lack of those breaks. Some say that casinos need to replace their carpets more often than they should precisely for this reason, but there are also stories of those who go to the casino floors with diapers in order to be gambling for more time without interruptions. Who knows what of this is true in reality.

Fake stories

There are also fantastic stories about people committing suicide after losing all their money, stories about slots not working because of holy water in them, among others, but these are just urban legends that have not proven to be true, even if some people do believe that there are cover-ups by the police in what the suicides are concerned.


We could not finish an article where we cover some casino myths and legends without talking a little about superstition. There is a funny story about a woman that won $5,000 on a slot machine, and when she was asked how that happened she just explained the way she pressed the button.

To give more strength to this version, another woman won $1,500 on the same machine touching the button the same way, so there is no computer program or random number generator inside that slot that can beat this.

There aren’t many industries who generate so much interesting stories like the gambling industry does.