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How to Play Craps

You can never blame this game if you’ll be shouting craps in its entire duration, for it is definitely one of the most exciting casino games ever made. More often than not, tables and gaming areas for craps are the noisiest ones especially that the game itself has a quite fast pacing that heightens the tension and mood even more. Many beginners do not actually become amazing in learning the mechanics, since looking at the players alone is surely entertaining with all the screaming and yelling involved. Nevertheless, craps isn’t as easy as it looks and sounds, so everyone is advised to understand the game fully before even landing on his first bet in this game.

The History of Craps

Ancient history would tell us that the invention, development, and use of dice can be traced in the early Chinese civilization, where shamans and even emperors used these contraptions as a tool of foretelling their fortunes and misfortunes. In addition, they also used the dice as a means of summoning the entities of the other world and ask them for their guidance in every decision they make. Generally speaking however, many advocate that these tools were officially used to settle disputes and to provide fair division of lands to farmers. While all of these may be true in China, some historians claim that long before the Chinese were able to come up with their dice, other countries were already using it, such as Egypt and Mesopotamia. Nevertheless, no sufficient texts could show the existence of dice in these countries, let alone their role in their age-old civilization. Interestingly however, the role of dice in gambling has not been established until the Native Americans and Roman Soldiers used them in solving uprisings and quarrels. And this is believed to be the main reason how the craps was developed. It was only in the 19th century when the game became famous all over some huge countries, all thanks to the formal launching of the game as a casino diversion in France and England.

The Gaming Setup

There are certain tables that are specially designed for this game. The officials of the game include a stick man, a box man, and two dealers. Unlike other casino games, craps can accommodate as many as 20 players in one sitting. As mentioned previously, the game involves the use of dice; thus, a set is quite necessary in the entire game. The set of dice that is used are standardized to ensure fair gaming. According to modern-day norms, it is a must that every casino must have their own supplier of dice to eliminate the concept of fraudulence or any shenanigans whatsoever. In addition to this, every craps table dealer must take note of the eight-hour rule. This simply means that the dice used should be replaced every eight hours as this is the approximate time where the dice may have worn-off, thereby leading to unfair gaming, or if not, poor performance on the dealer’s part.

The Gaming Mechanics

Whilst many people would think that craps is an easy game per se, the truth is it actually involves 40 wager options and patterns that can make the game a bit confusing. Moreover, many beginners also convey their apprehension towards learning the game since its gambling table is quite different from the tables used in other casino games. To conquer this apprehension, one must fully comprehend the basics and fundamental concepts of the game for a more productive and enjoyable experience. the key in making all these things possible is for one to first know and understand what pass line bet is: the rule of thumb in playing craps.

A pass line bet or a come out roll is simply put the act of betting on the pass line prior to the rolling of the dice to an even value by the dealer. If the result of the rolling is 11 or 7, the player will automatically win. Nonetheless, if the results include 2, 3, and or 12, the player loses the round. If in case, the results are quite different from the figures mentioned above, the value is referred to as a point value for the succeeding rounds or rolls. When this happens, the mechanics of the game completely changes. A shooter will roll the dice once again. This time the players should wait for the point value to come out again before a 7 comes out in order for him to win. If a 7 appears prior to the point value the player loses right away and the dice will be rolled by the next player or shooter.

Aside from the pass line bet, there is also the odds bet. This bet simply means that the player will wager a different bet apart from the pass line bet he has made. This is only allowable if a point value has been made. A variation of this bet is the double odds. This means that the player is willing to double his bet in order for him to get a bigger sum of winnings.

Craps Pay-out System

  • 4 or 10 – will earn one 2 to 1
  • 5 or 9 – will earn one 3 to 2
  • 6 or 8 – will earn one 6 to 5