Diamond Dazzle 3D Slot Review

Diamond Dazzle 3D Slot Review

  • Reels: 3
  • Lines: 1
  • Features and Bonus Games: 0

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The Diamond Dazzle 3D Slot may be more so for players who remember the days of a basic 3 reel slot machine but can appreciate detailed graphics. While this slot only has 3 reels with 1 payline, it still appeals to those who like a simple straight-forward gaming style. You can play as little as $0.01 or as much as $5 per bet. You can also increase your payout winnings by using the up to 3x multiplier.

Normal Play

The gemstones listed as symbols on this slot include Rubies and Yellow Sapphires (or Citrine) which just happens to also be two of the highest paying symbols. Betting just one coin and landing 3 Rubies will give you 150 credits and 100 coins if you land 3 Yellow Sapphires. If you increase your bet x2, Rubies will pay 300, Yellow Sapphires 200 and increasing to x3 will give you 450 for three Rubies and 300 for three Yellow Sapphires. You don’t have to get three of a kind to earn credits though because ANY gemstone in a line will also payout.

Diamond Dazzle

There are three different variations of the game’s focus gemstone which is the Diamond. Getting any of these Diamonds to line up in a row will give you credit rewards ranging between 10 and 200 for a 1x bet, between 20 and 400 for a 2x bet and between 30 and 600 credits for a 3x bet. Your payline doesn’t have to have three of a kind either. ANY one of these Diamond variants will reward you if there are at least three of them that land in a row.

Scatter Stone

It is hard to pinpoint what exactly the scatter gemstone symbol represents but it kind of looks like a shiny rock. Perhaps is representative of what the coal looks like before the Diamond is formed, but in any case, getting just 1 of these scatter symbols will reward minimally (increased by your multiplier chosen). If you get 2 scatter symbols playing 1 coin, you will get 7 credits, betting 2 coins earns 14 credits and a 3 coin bet will award 21 credits. If you can get 3 scatter symbols on a 1x bet, earn 400 coins, if you are playing 2x the bet, get 800 coins and lucky players playing 3x the bet who land 3 scatter symbols will get 1500 credits.

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