Extended Card Counting Tips

Card counting can be a multi-million dollar business if done correctly. Players these days do have it a bit harder than the original card counters as more and more land based casinos are trying to combat this great skill. Rightfully so, the casinos need to protect their assets because with just one skilled player, all of a quarterly profits could be taken right out the door. Card counters are always willing to offer up their tips in hoping to form teams with other card counters to really rake in the winnings. While card counting takes loads of practice, these tips will help get a player going with their new found hobby.

Card Counting Systems, Which is Right for You?

The biggest downside to the number of options available is that players often times don’t pick a system that coincides with their particular skill with Blackjack or with card counting. For those getting started, the KO and Hi-Lo systems are probably the best recommendations since they are quite a bit easier to play with. Players who do well with these particular systems can then move on to different systems which range in complexity from there.

Start with the Low Stakes

When starting out with any new additive to the ever-enticing game of Blackjack whether it’s a card counting system or a betting system, the best thing to do is to play with low stakes. Just starting out means you should start out with everything especially with bets. The $5 tables will be your best bet and from there, you can move up in the betting ranges. The low stakes of card counting is far less stressful than putting big money on the line.

The Bankroll

This might come as a shock to some players however, a $20,000 bankroll is necessary to get the ball rolling on a successful session of card counting with Blackjack. While some don’t have this much, it’s advised that a player waits to charge up their bankroll because they will suffer through some initial losses in order to conjure up the skills and scenarios necessary to become successful.

Practice Makes Perfect!

Like with any other skill, it does take time to get really good at it. Even if you are blessed and hit the ground running with success, practice will only perfect your skills as a card counter. Making big bets will help make your bankroll grow and it takes practice as well as confidence to get the ball rolling on that. Players will have the ability to have the confidence in their skills which will allow them to make larger bets over time.

Blackjack at Planet 7 Casino

Visit Planet 7 Casino

Planet 7 Casino is one of the longest running online casinos for USA players. This brand offers the ability to find many different Blackjack games to play from your computer, smartphone or tablet device. Planet 7 Casino recently re-designed their website which has made things so much easier for players to get started with. One of the things I enjoy most about this casino is their unique layout for games. Each game is within it’s own square and can be found by clicking the appropriate category titles such as; video poker, specialty games, table games and online slots.

As far as Blackjack goes, there are several options available such as; Face Up 21, European Blackjack, Blackjack 21, Match Play 21, Perfect Pairs, Suit’Em Up 21 Blackjack, Super 21 and more. Each of the Blackjack games are unique and offer something different for players to get in on the fun that gaming online really has to offer.