Five Tips for Gambling Online

Playing at an online casino is almost always, a gamble. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. But there’s a way to make sure that you come away with a good feeling and a healthy balance still left in your pocket. If you enter and then exit the online casino with pure entertainment in mind, then that is definitely a win for you, else you will lose all your money. Hear me out.

Understand that you always lose to the house

The house always wins, period. I’ve helped fund enough casino’s in the past to know that being an investor to a casino is a lucrative business. The idea is that the house will always win in the end. Not massive amounts, but it will win in the long run. Think of it in these terms. If you spend $200, then casino will take $20 and give you back $180, and it will repeat that process until you have nothing left. Of course the method that I just explained is very crude, but that’s essentially the way that it works. If you understand that the house is there to win, then you will win.

Play at a reputable online casino

This point may be common sense, but you will find people asking the same questions time and time again, only after they have deposited at an online casino, but before checking reviews for player feedback. Playing at a reputable online casino will greatly increase your odds of winning. Always check review sites and forums for player feedback, before depositing.

Finding the best online casino is largely dependent on your location, as different online casinos operate with different licenses, and different software platforms. These licenses and software platforms often dictate the jurisdictions they can accept players from. is committed to providing the best online casino reviews for United States players, but if you’re located in New Zealand for example, you would want to Google the best online casinos for New Zealand players. If elsewhere, simply replace New Zealand with the actual country you are looking to play from.

Know when to stop

If you’ve just won a large amount, then it’s time to walk away and come back another day. It happened to me recently. I was down to my last $10 out of $40 and then I won myself $300. I called it a day, withdrew my money, and came back a week later when the stakes were entirely different. You see? I won there. And when I came back it was a reset. Because if I had stayed, then the casino would have taken all my money back. Of course, I did try and play a little while longer, you never know when the win runs last, but it was giving me nothing more, so bye bye I went.

Think of it as entertainment more than a way to win money

If you go to an online casino thinking that it will pay your bills, then you are going to lose every time. Because you’ll have a certain amount in your head that you will want to win, and if it doesn’t quite match up to that then you will play until you have nothing left. Believe me, I have been in that situation before and the online casino will take you for everything you have. Take this as a fun way to spend some spare money in your free time and you will think of the experience with a clearer head. I promise you.

Lastly, and maybe the most important…

Never play with money you can’t afford to lose

The difference between someone that plays the online casino safely, with someone that does not, is a gambler that has in their mind how much they are willing to spend, and that if they lose it then it doesn’t make a mark on their living expenses. If you use money that you can’t afford to lose then you will always be playing catch up, and worse, if you’re playing with money earmarked for other things then you will always be trying to stay above that mark, and if you’re below it you will always be trying to win it back – an almost certain way to lose all your money.

Gamble responsibly, and safely.