Gambling in Alaska

Most citizens of the United States don’t know too much about the great state of Alaska. In fact, Alaska is the largest state out of all fifty. Most might consider the largest state to be in terms of population, but this is in terms of square miles. The state is home to just about one million people, so as you can see there are very few people per mile. Alaska is majorly known for its cold temperatures and beauty.

Types of Gambling found in Alaska
Gaming in Alaska can be somewhat hard to find as there are very few big cities with casinos like the ones found in Las Vegas or New Jersey. In Alaska, you will find Native American Casinos throughout the state. Most of the casinos found here are on the smaller side, but you will find some that include all of the gaming types. The state of Alaska allows players to utilize slot machines and other games for play at age 18. However a select few of the casinos have their age limit set to 21. Players within the state will find the following casinos; Tlinga and Haida Indians of CBJ bingo, Sitka Tribal Bingo, Organized Village of Kake Bingo, Klawock IRA Pull Tabs Shoppe, & Native Village Barrow Pull Tabs to name a few. The difference between Alaskan casinos and your typical land based casino is the fact that the venues here will sometimes only feature bingo or pull tab style games. Also on the list of differences is the fact that this state does not offer an official lottery game to state residents.