Gambling in Colorado

Colorado actually has some very rich history, especially when it comes to gaming. Colorado is known by some to be the birth place of gambling and dates back as far as 1822 in this state. Players will find bingo, casinos, parimutuel betting and lotteries which range in age restrictions from 18 to 21 and over dependent upon the type of game. Some of the casinos within this state will allow players to have all of their gaming needs in one place much similar to the casinos found in Las Vegas. Currently, the state of Colorado has 20 different casinos to choose from, sprinkled somewhat perfectly throughout the land.

Types of Gambling Found in Colorado
Over the years, Colorado had its ups and downs with gambling. Some lawmakers were for it, others were against it. In 1990, the state finally came to terms with gambling and allowed it to be legalized. The law was finally put into place in 1991 where players were eligible to only make maximum bets of $5 at a time, these days you can put down as much as $100. Within this state you have both state casinos and tribal casinos with do dramatically vary. Tribal casinos are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and State casinos are only open until 2:00am. The lottery can also be played here as one of the only forms of gaming that is available at age 18. Players will have the ability to play some of the top games like Powerball and Mega Millions with bonus raffles too. Parimutuel betting is available with eight different racetracks for horse and greyhound betting. Betting takes place at age 21 or over.

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