Gambling in Delaware

Delaware has a really great gaming presence, as the state allows players to utilize many different types of gambling at just age 18. Despite the state’s small size, residents mainly consist of civilian scientists and engineers due to the styles of jobs that are available. The gambling presence here has boosted the economy in major ways which continues to grow as time goes on.

Types of Gaming in Delaware
Within the United States, a ban was placed on all states to ban sports betting, with the exception of four states, Delaware being one of the four exceptions. The reasoning behind this was due to the fact that gambling largely contributed to the revenue incurred by the state. A lottery is also found within this state where players can buy tickets at just age 18 and over. Pari-mutuel betting is big here where players can start making bets also at 18 years of age. Pari-mutuel betting can be done from the track or away from the track in Delaware. The casinos here require players to at least be 18+ to play slots, table games, card games and video poker which are all standard within casinos here. There are three casinos in total, all of which started out as just race tracks and moved on to adding gaming choices.

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