Gambling in Delaware

Delaware is a small state, but has a really great gaming presence, as the state allows players to utilize many different types of gambling at just age 18. Despite the state’s small size, residents mainly consist of civilian scientists and engineers due to the styles of jobs that are available.

The gambling presence here has boosted the economy in major ways which continue to grow as time goes on, given the strategic advantages the state has in term of incorporating a business.

Gambling History and Scenario

No one would say Delaware would be leading gambling in the United States given its dimension, but that happened in 2012 when Delaware became the first state to offer online gambling. In fact, apart from their casino gambling, Delaware also offers online gambling, the only state that does it apart from New Jersey and Nevada.

The progress of the state into gambling has been gradual, meaning that it wasn’t a speed race for legalization. Legal gambling in Delaware started in 1933 with the creation of a racing commission and more or less at the same time appeared Delaware Park, the oldest venue for gambling in the state.

It was originally designed as a one-mile track with facilities for the horses and guests, and today it is the only place where thoroughbred horse racing is held in a full-service racetrack, apart from being a full casino too.

Poker room with tournaments or cash play, blackjack, roulette, pai gow, sports betting, craps and other live table games are some of the gaming available at Delaware Park. Delaware Park is also home to the White Clay Creek Country Club, a golf facility.

Despite the pressure caused by the increase of casinos in neighboring Pennsylvania, Delaware Park continues to be a favorite for the local citizens and apart from all it has going for it, it also adds tradition and history.

Over the period of several legislative sessions, the state increased gambling in the state, to a point where it’s currently the fourth largest revenue source, being, for this reason, a stable presence for the Delaware citizens.

The three existing casinos might not be many in number, but considering Delaware only has 2.500 square miles of area and under one million residents, it’s a number that covers the gambling needs quite well.

Those three casinos are actually racinos, which just means that also have a racetrack, something well in line with the long history of the state with horse racing. Apart from the race tracks, we can also find more than 2.000 slots in each casino and table games.

In technical terms, the slots are video lottery terminals, being overseen by the Delaware Lottery. In functional terms, there is no difference though between these video terminals and the real-deal slots.

Summing up the Types of Gaming in Delaware

Within the United States, a ban was placed on all states on sports betting, with the exception of four states, Delaware is one of the four exceptions. The reasoning behind this was due to the fact that gambling largely contributed to the revenue incurred by the state.

A lottery is also found within this state where players can buy tickets at just age 18 and over. Pari-mutuel betting is big here where players can start making bets also at 18 years of age. Pari-mutuel betting can be done from the track or away from the track in Delaware.

The casinos here require players to at least be 18+ to play slots, table games, card games and video poker which are all standard within casinos here. There are three casinos in total, all of which started out as just race tracks and moved on to adding gaming choices.

In what concerns online gambling, and even if the revenues are under the initial projections, they add up to $3 million in 2016. Delaware has online gambling in a single platform managed by 888 Holdings, but each of the casinos of the state has licenses to offer online gambling on their own too.

The exemption from the federal ban on sports betting allows Delaware to offer parlay wagering, which means that the state lottery offers sports betting, which was expanded in 2018. In terms of revenue, we can account $40 million in bets and $5.2 in taxes from sports betting just until the end of September of 2018, a big number considering the dimension of the state.

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