Gambling in Georgia

Georgia has a very rich history. When it comes to this state you will find many unique features and those who come to visit will soon see that Georgia is one of the most populated states out of all 50. It’s a small land but more people to inhabit it when it comes to weighing the states against the others.

Georgia is one of the oldest states in the union as it was the fourth state to be admitted in 1788. Georgia is known for its peaches, but it is also known as the Empire State of the South. There are several different types of entertainment found within the state, which includes gaming.

Gambling History and Scenario

The current situation of gambling in Georgia is far from being one of the happiest in the country. In fact, we can only find one casino, the Emerald Princess Casino, which is a cruise that only has 220 slots, and leaves from Brunswick.

If we go back a few years until 2015 we see that Tradewinds, another cruise casino, was still departing from Savannah, but as the state revoked their certificate the operation ended. Now, even their site is currently for sale.

Gambling in Georgia is shrinking and this is because the state has strict laws against gambling, extended not only to casinos but also to sports betting and poker. Even horse and dog racing are forbidden, something rare in the most restrictive states of the country.

Georgia is clearly an anti-gambling state, but they do offer their residents the possibility to play the lottery. Even in such a dark scenario where only the lottery and a casino is legal, there is some hope, as there is an ongoing debate to bring two land-based casinos to the Peach State.

One of these casinos would be located in Atlanta (with an investment of $2 billion), while the other would be for Augusta, Columbus or Savannah (an investment of “just” $450 million). Sadly, the bill wasn’t approved. It’s such a delicate topic that the word casino isn’t even mentioned in the bill, they use the expression destination resort.

The most important is that the debate for expansion is happening, but one of the concerns is that the casino revenues might affect the revenues from the lottery. The proposed 24-35% taxes over casino revenues for education seems too high, but it’s s start for those who didn’t even wanted to discuss the topic.

While the expansion doesn’t happen Georgians can head to North Carolina to visit the two Harrah’s Cherokee casinos. Jacksonville and Panhandle, Florida, also have casinos available at a driving distance, as well as in Alabama, for the Georgians living in the western area of the state.

Emerald Princess Casino

This casino cruise operates five nights per week and is docked at Brunswick. This 200-foot vessel has two gaming decks, one dining deck, and an observation deck. Every operating night the boat goes to international waters to allow gambling away from the Georgia law.

200 slots, 12 blackjack tables, two roulettes, craps, and eight poker tables are available, and the players pay $10 to be on board for 4-5 hours. The casino is operated by Golden Isles Cruise Lines and accepts players with 18 years old or more, verified by a photo ID card.

Summing up Types of Gambling Found in Georgia

Players don’t have land-based casinos. Here, you have a casino cruise, which will have players meet at a specific time, the ship will then make its departure and will arrive back to port at a specific time. Aboard, players will have dining, drinking, and entertainment for hours.

The cruise will sail out into the ocean, dock and then return to land. Players are eligible to board a casino cruise at 18 and over. Other forms of fun found in Georgia are the lottery where players can buy a ticket at 18 and over. The state lottery as well as Powerball, multi-state lottery, are available.

Even if pull tabs and bingo are legal, in terms of charitable gaming only raffles are permitted. Pari-mutuel betting isn’t found within Georgia which is also found throughout many of the states as one of the oldest forms of gaming. Comes without saying, online gambling is not legal either.