Gambling in Nevada

Nevada has many different nicknames, the most coveted is probably the gambling capital of the world. Nevada is mostly known for Las Vegas, but many don’t know that the state actually offers to game in several other cities.

Though the cities may be small, many have a big gaming presence. Players who visit Nevada will typically come from all over the world. The state has been seen in movies, television shows and is often the host of many large conventions due to the ample amount of space the hotels offer to accommodate large groups of people.

Gambling in the state of Nevada attributes to more than one-third of the state’s tax revenue. When referring to the art of gaming, most officials and residents refrain from using the term “gambling” due to the fact that “gambling” is seen as a derogatory term in most political circles.

Nevada also boasts the lowest monthly tax percentage which is why most of the casinos opened up shop in the state. A $250 fee is paid to the state for each slot machine which is operated within a casino for those who have more than 15 different slots. On top of this fee, casinos are also required to pay a 6.75% tax on gross revenue.

Gambling History and Scenario

Going a little back to analyze the gambling history of the state we find the reason why Nevada equals gambling to most Americans: in the period between 1931 and 1976, Nevada was the only place in the country where it was legal to play.

The legalization of casinos in Atlantic City changed this situation, but Nevada has already earned its fame and was widespread to every corner of the state, being more concentrated in the biggest population centers though.

If anyone wants to play in a slot, these machines are available in airports, casinos, grocery stores, practically anywhere. Approximately 170.000 slots are available, and there are eight people per slots in Vegas!

Nevada doesn’t have any active race tracks where it’s possible to bet, but it’s possible to make pari-mutuel sports betting at the casinos that have sports books, which includes mobile sports apps.

Thinking about Nevada people think about the Las Vegas Strip, but there are many off-strip gambling locations in the state, namely Reno, the second biggest gambling destination of the state. Lake Tahoe, Carson City, Laughlin, and West Wendover are other places worth visiting for those who love gambling.

Summing up the Types of Gaming in Nevada

There are several different types of gaming found in the state of Nevada. Basically, you will find that almost all gaming types are now available here, even regulated online gambling. Gambling began in this state around 1931, which has given many of the casino owners decades of experience.

Those who work within a casino will need to carry a gaming work permit along with needing to be registered with the state of Nevada. Those exempt from this law are bartenders and cocktail waitresses.

Players who visit Nevada for gaming purposes will need to be at least 21 years of age or older to play in any of the land-based casinos. One thing important to note is that the state of NV does not offer a state lottery, surprising due to the amount of other gaming that is allowed here.

In Nevada, you will find most types of gambling legal here, but you will not find lotteries or horse racing betting. While NV is known as the state with the most gambling games, you will find a few others which offer a larger array of gambling choices.

The legalization of online gambling came to Nevada in 2013, even if currently only poker is legal in the state. There are two companies who are authorized to operate in Nevada, the World Series of Poker (property of Caesars) and Real Gaming (property of South Point Poker LLC).

Unfortunately, movements to ban online gambling in the state are under course, and even if this yet to become a reality, it doesn’t indicate a bright short-time future for online gambling. The fears that online gambling makes competition to land-based casinos is the main motivation behind this.

This is actually the same reason why the lottery is not available in the state, due to the power of the casino lobby. Overall though, it’s impressive that the state of Nevada offers more slots and table games than all the other states of the country.

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