Good Girl Bad Girl

Good Girl Bad Girl 3D Slot Review

  • Reels: 5
  • Lines: 15
  • Features and Bonus Games: 6

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Are you a sinner or a saint? With this wild game, you get to play both sides while collecting heaps of cash! This game is unique and many different areas, from the graphics to the gameplay, to the customizations when it comes to how you like your gaming to be done. There are two different moods to be played with that will send laughing all the way to the bank!

Most online slot games have a bonus round or two, maybe a feature even. This game, it has six awesome bonus rounds to be had. Each of the bonus rounds differs from each other from the way they are played, to how they are triggered and what they pay out. The casino welcomes players to a wide variety of different options to keep your eyes peeled! The bonus round Control Your Destiny the chance at winnings by offering three different playing modes, Good, Bad and Both. Each of them offers a little something different from the last, the good mode offers players a friendly low-risk type of gameplay. With this method, the payouts are frequent, but they are in smaller increments. The bad mode is higher risk and the payouts are less frequent, players will have higher dollar amounts of winnings this way though. When playing both good and bad, you can wager double the amounts to play both sides of life. Keep your eye out for the Wild Symbols, here players will want to check out the Pitchfork and the Halo, both are special so when they appear, they are instantly turned into a hidden multiplier. Good Click Me and Bad Click Me are both games which entail four gift boxes. Each of the boxes contains a small win symbol, big win symbol or a collect symbol. The Bad Click Me mode is similar but only it has both a Big Win Symbol and a Medium Win Symbol. This game ends simply when a player opens the collect symbol box or all of them. One of the best things about this game is that it does have the progressive jackpot which many seek. Finally, my favorite feature of them all, this isn’t only found with Good Girl Bad Girl, it’s actually found within a few different 3D games at Slots.LV. After any win, the Double Up button will be illuminated which will turn clickable, once clicked players can choose heads or tails in a coin toss. If they win, their coin wins will be doubled!

During this game, players won’t just have the typical sound on, sound off options. As well, they will have the performance enhancement settings which are available based upon which device they are playing from. The auto play feature is a hit among slots players of all kinds whether it’s in a real live casino or an online casino. In addition to a really great look and feel, players also have an easy button layout which entails a max bet button, the spin button and then buttons to help choose how much they want to bet.

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