Halloween at the Online Casinos

Halloween is celebrated differently around the world. The holiday originated in Ireland and has since morphed to a different way of celebrating for many. For the most part, the holiday is celebrated widely across the US and is typically celebrated throughout the entire month of October. In conjunction with Halloween, many celebrate the welcoming of the Fall season the same way. At USA online casinos, players may find that some will get into the spirit by offering many fun perks. Here are some of the ways that American online casinos celebrate Halloween;


Some of the online casinos will offer promotions and bonuses that are quite spooky. Some of these bonuses come in the form of free chips. Free chips benefit the player and the casino offering them. The casinos will have a chance to show the players just what they have to offer and the players, in turn, can see Other bonuses that are quite common around the holidays are deposit match bonuses. This is where a USA online casino will take the player’s deposit and multiply it with free cash to match. This is a great way to play for longer periods of time, play games that a player wouldn’t have usually chosen or to just simply make bigger bets.


This is fun for the players who have been around the casino circuit for awhile. The new games offered around the holidays are here to stay long after the holiday has passed. But how it benefits players is this, the games are new and allow players to try something they haven’t before and that makes things interesting. Most of the time, each software company will release a game or two about a month before the holiday is to roll around.

Game Specific Free Spins

Marrying games and promotions are game specific bonuses. This is offered when a new game arrives at the casino or the casino operators would like players to direct their attention to the holiday-specific games. This type of promotion is where players have the ability to gain free spins from the casino to play on the reels in addition to their deposits or the free money offered by the deposit match bonus. Most of the time, players can find these promotions on the main page of the website, on the bonuses page or in their inbox if they are an existing player.

The holidays can be a great time to hit up a USA online casino. It helps to drive the holiday spirit because, in all reality, the fall season and Halloween seem to come and go quite quickly so this is a great way to feed the cravings of those who just can’t get enough.