Hawaii offers a look and feels like no other destination within the United States. When you visit these islands, you will notice that there is not one specific climate. You will have different climates within five miles of each other throughout.

The ‘Aloha State’ is a tourist-friendly destination which welcomes visitors from throughout the world. Here, you have Aloha which is a greeting as well as a peaceful goodbye. The state is the widest in the United States when looked at from East to West.

Underwater volcanoes erupted which cause the land to shift upward, giving us this beautiful piece of treasure! Hawaiian living can be very simple, just take the alphabet, for example, there are only 12 letters in the whole thing. The culture and lifestyle is much more laid back than what is found on the mainland.

Gambling History and Scenario

Unlike its wonderful natural scenario, the setting for gambling in Hawaii is highly restrictive, being only compared with Utah for restricting most, if not all, gambling. There is one main reason for this to be happening, Hawaii doesn’t need the money generated by gambling, unlike what happens in the continental United States.

Hawaii makes fortunes with tourism, as visitors for all over the world look for their warm climate and unique scenery. At the same time, if you live on the islands, it’s possible that you don’t care about gambling or simply accepted the fact that is not available.

This doesn’t mean that there aren’t studies and attempts to bring gambling to the state. In fact, tax revenues could increase $20-$40 million on a yearly basis for every single casino built on the islands, based on conservative 15% tax, so higher taxes could easily double those values.

Even doubling those $40 million to $80 million per casino, it’s still very far from the $1 billion revenues generated yearly by the tourism industry. The fact that Hawaii doesn’t need the money explains why gambling is illegal.

There is some gambling history in Hawaii though, as in the 1800s and early 1900s horse racing was quite popular among the royal family. In the 1920s this industry faded out, peaking back to life around the Second World War, but from then on disappeared again and it doesn’t exist legally for over 50 years now.

Social gaming is the only legal gaming category in the state, which includes poker and craps, and even here players need to be 18, and that no profits are involved for the house, including selling food and drink at the social events.

Currently, the residents can play Daily Fantasy Sports with FanDuel or DraftKings, but this is also considered gambling and the situation is currently under the political attention.

In Hawaii placing any bet is illegal, so you cannot put your money into a game hoping to have a financial gain without breaking the law. The citizens of the state go along with this line of thinking, and a recent poll surveyed the citizens about building a commercial casino in the Big Island, and more than 60% voted no, just 23% agreed with the idea.

It’s also interesting that 60% of the voters agree on the economic benefits brought by casinos and more funding to education, but they refuse casinos, even so, thinking mostly on the downsides it would bring to their paradise land.

Summing up Gambling Found in Hawaii

As shocking as this seems, there are no land-based casinos within any of the islands. You could say that the state is not gambling-friendly. Hawaii is one of the states out which does not offer any kind of a lottery.

Social gambling, however, is one of the only legal forms available to Hawaii visitors and residents. This law can be somewhat in the grey area depending on who you are playing with. For the most part, you will only be able to play with those who they associate socially.

Even if operating casino or poker sites is illegal in Hawaii, there is no law forbidding their citizens to use offshore gambling sites. A recent survey shows many residents do have this habit.