House Edge vs House Rules - Blackjack

How the House Edge differs due to Common House Rules - Blackjack

One of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to the game of Blackjack is that it carries the same rules from table to table. Each casino is allowed to make their own rules when it comes to the game and there are several that can be found in many casinos across the globe. These casino rules for Blackjack can increase the house edge for quite a bit, it’s advised that players look and pay attention to the rules that are available so that they can figure out whether or not the game is actually worth playing at the particular casino that they are at.


The biggest way the house edge can be affected is by the payouts that are written on a sign by the table’s side. The best payout to look for is 3:2 for a natural Blackjack. Most often we see payouts more like 6:5 if there is anything different from the 3:2. Players will want to avoid the 6:5 payouts because they raise the house edge by 1.3%. When going through your options at a casino, the payouts should be found clearly and visibly to all players.

The dealer’s stance on a soft 17

What you want to look for is another sign that will explain this to you. The dealer who can hit on a soft 17 will have a higher overall hand which raises the house edge up another 0.2%. Some casinos will allow the dealer to hit and others will require the dealer to stand, if the dealer stands, this will give the player a big advantage over the normal Blackjack casino and could land them some extra cash in the long run.

How many Decks?

While six or eight deck Blackjack is most widely found, sometimes players will come up on tables that have fewer decks to be played with. The house edge sits at 0.5% with six or eight deck games. If you stumble upon a place that offers fewer decks, the house edge could be lowered, however, often times when we find smaller deck games, there are more rules or unfavorable payout odds. If you happen to find casinos that offer single deck Blackjack along with limited rules, you could be looking at a house edge of just 0.18% which is pretty fantastic and unheard of for the most part.

Doubling Down and Splitting Aces

Here is another popular way for a casino to raise their own edge another 0.2%. Doubling down gives the player a big advantage so naturally, there are games that would restrict this. Also, some games won’t even allow players to split their aces or even re-split. Most of the time you see these kinds of rules in electronic blackjack for quarters or games that are utilizing just the single deck Blackjack as far as the tables go.

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