How Don Johnson Made 15 Million Playing Blackjack

Blackjack Legend Don Johnson

If you know even a little bit about Blackjack, you know who Don Johnson is. The Blackjack legend is known for a being famous in a different way than most. No, it’s not the most popular option, counting cards. This man created a strategy to win millions of dollars. He does not count cards but does say that his strategy could help players beat the house when it comes to the game of Blackjack and his theory.

Don Johnson’s destination of choice has been Atlantic City for quite some time. His Blackjack career as some would call it, began in the 90’s. It wasn’t until 2010 that he made a big name for himself by winning $4 million at one of the most prominent casinos, Caesars Atlantic City. While at first, his winnings were praised as a hot streak, landing him a big payday and the casinos a lot of positive press. Shortly after, he had a similar win of $4.9 million at the Borgata of Atlantic City. This prompted the casino officials to be a little bit more cautious whenever Don Johnson was around.

Sometimes in casinos, the managers will stop the player from making bets over a certain amount if they suspect that something might be up. This is the category where Don Johnson ended up for a lot of the casinos unfortunately. Until the CEO of the Tropicana allowed him to make bets around $100,000. This mistake cost the casino around $5.8 million in just 12 hours. His win alone cost the casino their CEO as well as 20% in losses on revenue for that month.

Through a timeframe of six months, Don Johnson made a whopping $15 million in profits alone. This of course, prompted media attention, this prompted questions, this had many people wondering. How does a person make $15 million in profit from Blackjack?

The answer was quite easy, but unattainable for many. He understood the math behind Blackjack, he had a very large bankroll and made large bets each and every time. This helped him rake in bigger wins despite the losses he may have had which were canceled out.