How Online Compares to Land Based Blackjack

Playing Casino Blackjack

There are several differences between playing Blackjack online and Blackjack in a land based casino. For starters, it’s advised that players get to know the game before heading to the tables. This is a courteous gesture for other players at the tables since the game can be somewhat fast paced. With that being said, many will start out playing Blackjack online and then move to the land based casinos. While the game is majorly the same in many different ways, there are a few ways where the game is completely different.

First, you will want to check out all of your options as far as the tables that are available. Find the one that has the most appealing stakes for you to use. Take your seat and decide how much you want to place your first bet for. There are house rules that are pretty standard with all casinos, you won’t hand the dealer the money directly. You will simply place it on the table and allow him to pick it up. He will then place your chips back on the table for you to utilize how you please.

Placing your bet is rather simple and self explanatory, in most cases this is identical to playing online, you will simply place the chip of your choice in the circle in front of you. Your chips will need to be visible to the dealer with the biggest chips being at the bottom of the stack. When the cards are being drawn, you cannot touch your chips. At some places, this may be considered a form of cheating so it is best to leave them alone. The dealer will then remove or add chips to your circle depending on the hand.

Once all of the bets are in, the dealer will start playing the cards face up. You won’t touch any of the cards either, much like with the chips on the table. You will then be given a chance to decide if you want to hit or stand, double down or split. When all of the players have finished making their hands, the dealer will deal to himself and then make the payouts or collect on the losses. When you have decided that enough is enough, you will simply wait until your hand is over, pick up your chips and visit the cashier to exchange those chips for money. You can always keep the chips while you walk around the casino if you plan to head back to the Blackjack games.