How to Play Live Dealer Blackjack

Playing Live Dealer Blackjack

Live Dealer Blackjack games are found widely across online casinos as well as even land based casinos now. Players with online casinos have been begging for a more realistic Blackjack experience and thus, Live Dealer games were born. Players will see streaming footage of a real person dealing out the cards which makes for a little more excitement when it comes to the game, much more over the sterile environment that a typical Blackjack game gives online. Some of the games even give the players the ability to chat with the dealer. This gives them social interaction without even having to leave the house. Here is how you play live dealer Blackjack games.

When you start out playing Blackjack, you know that in land based casinos there are all kinds of methods and ways to place your bet, you have to place your chips in a certain area and all of that. With online games like live dealer Blackjack, you don’t have to worry about overstepping your boundaries which is a nice feat. Players will simply click the virtual chips to select that amount. If you want to select more than one of that chip domination you just click the chips again until you have arrived at the amount that you desire.

Once the bets around the table have been placed, the dealer will then pass out the cards. Once card per player, from there the dealer will ask each player going around the table what they would like to do, would they like to hit or would they like to stand, double down or are they going to split their pair? When the players who decide to hit, double down or split, the dealer will send out the rest of the cards. From there, the winnings are paid and virtual chips will be taken away if you lost. Once this hand is completed, another round will begin.

Chat is a feature that is either loved or hated by players. Sometimes the casino gives the ability to chat with the dealer or the other players which makes the game quite a bit more social much like the atmosphere found in land based casinos. The chat boxes are usually out of the way in the corners of the screen in an effort to maintain focus on the games. When the casino allows players to talk with the dealer, the messages pop up on the screen which the dealer can then speak his or her response in return.

If a player becomes verbally abusive toward a player or the dealer, they can be temporarily banner or permanently banned from the casino so be sure to speak respectfully at all times. This is why some of the live dealer casinos don’t allow players to chat with the dealer or each other by removing the chat function from the beginning which allows for the players to simply just watch the dealer instead of being able to talk and watch.