Huge Ransomware attack misses online casinos

For those who have a large amount of money currently in online casinos, you can breathe a sigh of relief regarding the huge ransomware attack that occurred earlier this week.  Ransomware is accurately named, in essence, the worm/virus will encrypt all of the files on your computer and prevent you from accessing anything until you pay the bribe.  In the case of the latest attack, the price was $300 which had to be paid in Bitcoins which the ransomware creators thought would make the transaction untraceable, but that turned out to be untrue.   In any event, the ransomware was only able to infect people who were using old operating systems and who had not updated their OS.  The irony is that the country hardest hit was China, where software, including operating systems, is often pirated, and thus cannot be updated with security fixes.   The UK was also hit hard with some high profile companies such as a major hospital being hit.

But for those of us who use online casinos, there was very little risk.  Online casinos are constant targets of hacking and malware attempts and thus usually have a very advanced security team, and certainly, an online casino that is constantly under attack would never be operated on fifteen-year-old operating systems or pirated operating systems.  Despite the huge scale of this latest ransomware attack, there were no reports of any disruptions to any online casinos.

Casinos have been, and continue to frequent targets of DDoS attacks, where a remote computer or series of computers continuously makes contact with the online casino in an attempt to make it unavailable to normal visitors.  The DDoS attacks often come with a ransom, but the security teams of the casinos can quickly remove the process without paying the ransom.