Illinois is rich with history, this goes the same for gaming within the state. Racetracks were the first place gambling was found as far back as the 1930’s. Residents were able to head over for some action with pari-mutuel betting. A day at the racetrack could be a family event or a day out for just the guys. The lottery was the next implementation of gaming which opened in 1972. The lottery is a very popular type of gaming throughout the United States because it helps fund the public school systems and brings in revenue for the state. In Illinois you have a population of 12 million residents. The state is ranked fifth in terms of population and twenty-fifth in terms of area. So you do have a lot of people who reside here.

Gambling Found in Illinois
Aside from the lottery and pari-mutuel betting, you have hotel and casino combinations as well as river boat betting too. The river boats were something like a trial run where the state would see how the players took to gaming on the river. This was in 1991, the state then furthered their gaming with land based casinos because the revenue being pulled in by the boats was enough to keep the state in good financial standings. The river boats seat around 1200 passengers, like casinos you will need to be at least 21 or over to play the games and to board the ships.