Iowa, the Hawkeye state is the 30th largest state as far as population. Here you have more than 56,000 miles of land which lands it somewhere right in the middle in terms of space. Iowa welcomes gaming at 21 and over for many different types. The gaming here started in 1985, so it is a relatively new state in terms of legalized gambling. Iowa is another little gem state as many don’t know too much about it.

Types of Gambling Found in Iowa
There are several different kinds of gaming found within the state of Iowa. Here, players will have over 20 different casinos including big names like Harrah’s. Casinos within this state permit gaming to start at 21 or over. The state lottery began in 1985 which gives the citizens there a really great place to live due to the increased revenue that is available due to the lottery. Lottery folks will have several different types of lottery games available. Some of those include Powerball, Mega Millions, Hot Lotto and much more. Pari-Mutuel betting is another great option for players to get in on some betting action. Players will have horse racing with the combination of slots as well. These were introduced in 2004 which is relatively new. Within some of the racetracks you will see table games and smaller sized casinos to make the areas one-stop shops.

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