Is Counting Cards Online Possible?

Counting Cards and Online Casinos

Counting cards is a widely used underground term within the gambling world. Like we’ve seen in numerous movies and TV shows, this can be considered quite the offense when it comes to gaming. What if you could count cards in online casinos? You wouldn’t run the risk of a person throwing you out right? Is it possible for a player to count cards online? This is a question many want answers to because if so, there is money to be had!

Here is where the bad news comes in, when you’re counting cards in a land based casino, the whole idea comes from knowing the deck penetration. With online Blackjack, you wouldn’t know this information because you can’t physically see the deck being played and the deck is shuffled after each and every turn. So since you can’t see the dealer, you won’t be able to see where the cards are etc. This might be the reasoning behind why the land based casinos are switching over to electronic tables and gaming that way instead of the standard dealer run tables that we are all so very used to.

For players who want to win bigger in online Blackjack, they can always check out the betting strategies such as the Martingale Betting System or the Parlay Betting System. Either of this will help the player bet outside of the comfort zone with some luck on their side, they could end up with a big amount of cash in just one bet. Also, players will see tons of different promotions that are available online which range from little bits of money up front to large amounts of cash just for making a deposit into their online casino account. In addition to these promotions, there are many different casinos that offer VIP programs. These programs also reward players for making deposits and playing specific games.