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Keno is a fun game, loved by many for the simple fact that it takes little to no effort at all. When you visit a land-based casino, you can play Keno from your room, the breakfast table, the bar, and even other games as well! Players now have the ability to take their gaming to the grocery store, the DMV or just the couch if they prefer. Keno is now made available by many of the top online casinos with the option to use mobile devices to play. Keno is offered in the same fashion as before, for real money easily.

When playing mobile Keno, you will simply use your smartphone or your tablet. Apple and Android products absorb the game easily. Players can choose their favorite numbers from a set of 80 after making their wager. Players have the option to choose anywhere between one number and fifteen. Once the picks have been made, the game goes rather quickly. The casino will randomly select 20 winning numbers. When there are winning numbers that match the player’s picks, this is called a “hit.” Once your numbers are deemed a “hit” you’ve won a prize!

Keno is solely a game of luck, players won’t have much beyond that. The game is new to the mobile gaming casino community as most of the time, players would rather play the old fashioned way in a casino since there are big opportunities there. Although the Keno game is more popular in land-based casinos, players still have fun setting their Keno bets from home.

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