Keno Online

How to Play Keno

Keno is perhaps one of the most entertaining games simply because it can accommodate a large number of players. Moe often than not, this game is mistaken for being lotto, since both somehow use the same set of rules and mechanics. Furthermore, both games ultimately lead to a big sum of jackpot as reward for a winning player despite the small bets involved. Apparently, many people flock this gambling diversion since it isn’t too heavy for the pocket. What’s even more enthralling about this game is the fact that families, friends, and colleagues can enjoy this game without the need to compete against each other, but help each other out in ensuring a sure-win for a particular round. Although all of these may sound simple and easy, it is still imperative that beginners find out and understand the mechanics of the game first prior to even playing a round or two.

The History of Keno

Keno is a gambling game that was developed by the early Chinese. It was created for reasons similar to how Pai Gow Poker came to be: a form of pastime for the ancient Chinese laborers and workers. Nevertheless, keno was deemed to be a very simple game; thus, its developers added an interesting feat: the jackpot prizes that the winners were bound to receive every time they won a round or two. Prizes used include certain items such as ancient weapons, decor, and even plain ornaments. According to history books, the game was made known to the Americas at a later date, when several Chinese immigrants introduced the game to the Native Americans as a form of diversion all the same. However, because of its promising traits, it wasn’t long before the game eventually reached a popular status in the country. It was in the early months of 1802 when the game was formally incorporated and introduced in gambling arenas and casinos. This time, the prizes at stake became even more practical. The Americans simply used cash prizes as jackpot to the rapidly skyrocketing form of gamble.

The Gaming Mechanics

Since keno bears a strong resemblance to lotto, the game pretty much involves typical lotto procedures and feats. At the start of the game, the players are asked to purchase their own tickets. Upon doing so, they are to mark the numbers which they think will eventually come out within a particular round. They can choose to mark at least 4 and no more than 10 digits which are referred to as ‘spots.’ If a player decided to limit his numbers into 4 then, he is said to play a 4-spot round. After choosing wisely his digits, he will be receiving a copy of the ticket where his digits are to appear. The player will then be asked to take a seat or find his space where can comfortably play the game. Twenty balls will be drawn for every round. Once, the player has gotten all of his marked digits right, then he is said to have won the round, provided a personnel is to verify his card and his winning.

The Gaming Payout System

Most if not all of the casinos provide players the right to wager or bet as much sum of money as they want to. However, a minimum of 50 cents or 1 dollar is imperative to be officially considered as a player of the game. For every spot game, there is a corresponding pay-off value; thus players must consult the casino’s terms in order for him to have a clear idea on how much is the main prize for the game he is in. In most cases, nevertheless, the casino gives out as much as $50,000 for the minimum payment of 50 cents or 1 dollar from the player.