Kentucky, USA

Throughout Kentucky, there are 4.5 million residents with a ranking of 37th in terms of population out of all the 50 states. As far as land, the state has 40,000 square miles of beautiful scenery. Kentucky is located near Tennessee and Missouri. Players can take on all kinds of different gambling types. Unfortunately, there are no land based casinos within the state.

Types of Gaming Found in Kentucky
There are several different types of gaming in this great state. Players will have pari-mutuel betting of course! Kentucky is famous for its horse racing and other fun gaming styles. The pari-mutuel betting is for players at just 18 and over. There are several racing tracks throughout the state which include Kentucky Downs, Churchill Downs, Red Mile, Kenneland & Turfwar Park. Racetracks within this state include slots and table games since there are no land based casinos within the states. Charity bingo events are also another great way to play for fun and earn some casino. Players who are 18 and over can utilize pull tabs too.