Kentucky, USA

Throughout Kentucky, there are 4.5 million residents with a ranking of 37th in terms of the population out of all the 50 states. As far as land, the state has 40,000 square miles of beautiful scenery.

Kentucky is located near Tennessee and Missouri. Kentucky is known for the production of bourbon whiskey, but ironically enough the distilleries are many times located at dry counties, so their citizens cannot buy the products which make the state famous for.

Gambling Scenario

The same that happens with bourbon whiskey happens too with land-based casinos, as there aren’t any, making Kentucky a state of contradictions. The gambling laws in the state are restrictive, and numerous attempts to make casinos legal have failed so far.

On the other hand, Kentucky, the Bluegrass State, hosts the most well-known race in the world, the Kentucky Derby, and pari-mutuel wagering is pretty much considered a birthright for the state citizens. Pari-mutuel is available at several tracks in the state.

Gambling law in Kentucky follows the Dominant Factor theory, which determines that random chances should predominate over skill, and this will also determine which games are legal or not in the state. Horse racing and the lottery, apparently, are games that involve no skills, as they are legal in the state.

Currently, there have been efforts to legalize sports betting, so 2019 is promising news in this area, but also that the state lottery and the horse racing industry to join the conversation to oppose it.

Gambling History

The first horse racing in Kentucky happened in the 1780s, both in Louisville and Lexington, even if these weren’t formal tracks. Should have been entertaining to see the horses running on the city parks or in down the Main Street of Louisville.

The citizens of the state had to wait until 1805 to see the first official race track, but the best was still to come, as in 1873 Meriwether Lewis Clark developed a racing system that had a finale named derby, mimicking European events.

Clark was from a family that owned land in the state, so that helped him design a mile and a quarter track, which was named Churchill Downs, home to the Kentucky Derby where thousands of people visited every single year.

It’s still considered the most notorious US horse race, and eventually from the world, and it has been running since 1875, is the first leg of the Triple Crown. This is an event filled with tradition where the men wear suits and ties and the women have dresses and hats.

Overall, Kentucky has six racetracks which offer instant racing, but also machines that allow wagering on races, similar to slot machines. Keeneland is the number 2 track in the state after Churchill Downs, being even registered at the National Register of Historic Places.

Kentucky might not have any casino, but close to their borders, we do find a few, especially at the north, along the Ohio River. In fact, the Horseshoe Southern Indiana can be considered a Louisville casino, as only the river separates it from the city.

The Belterra Casino Resort, the Wheeling Island Hotel-Casino-Racetrack, the Rivers Casino and the Rocky Gap Casino are other options geographically accessible to the Kentucky citizens, who can certainly have a good time when heading there.

Summing up the Types of Gaming Found in Kentucky

There are several different types of gaming in this great state. Players will have pari-mutuel betting of course! Kentucky is famous for its horse racing and other fun gaming styles. The pari-mutuel betting is for players at just 18 and over.

There are several racing tracks throughout the state which include Kentucky Downs, Churchill Downs, Red Mile, Keeneland & Turfway Park. Racetracks within this state include slots and table games since there are no land-based casinos within the states.

Charity bingo events are also another great way to play for fun and earn some casino. Players who are 18 and over can utilize pull tabs too.

Online gambling in the state is illegal, but there is a huge exception if it works as an extension of the state lottery or pari-mutuel wagering. In this particular, Churchill Downs operates a site called Twin Spires, allowing the Kentucky residents to bet on horse races from their home or mobile device.

Playing the lottery online is also possible, confirming the contradictions of the state that doesn’t allow casinos, but allows online gambling and even runs one of the sites doing it.