Las Vegas still doesn´t have a handle on E-Sport gambling

In recent years casinos in Las Vegas have caught onto the fact that E-Sports are a viable means to reach younger people and attract them to the mega-capital of gambling.  The games range from fighting games, to Real-Time strategy games to sports games, no matter which genre, the competition is high and the amount of fans willing to travel to see live events is growing.  The growth has been so rapid, and the target audience so elusive for traditional casino games, that Las Vegas is going all in on providing venues for E-Sports.  Downtown Las Vegas already has the Neonopolis, an expansive E-sports arena, while MGM is in the design phase for their own E-sports arena.  The MGM did lead the way, however, with its´skill-based gaming area inside the MGM Grand.

As the focus and growth of competitive E-sports continues, the desire for legal, above-the-board gambling has grown with it.  For now, gambling is mainly limited to side wagers between two parties.  This type of betting is legal in Las Vegas as long as their is no ´house cut´ going to anyone.  In the last few years more than side wagers have been available at major tournaments where organized, underground gambling is available through a few organizations that operate illegally at the tournaments.  The problem for casinos is that E-Sports are not well regulated and thus far the Las Vegas Gaming Commission has not jumped on the bandwagon to allow casinos to provide the same services as their illegal counterparts.

There are many technical hurdles including the relatively new aspect of the events and the uncertainty of any given game to be used year after year.  Each game would have to have its´own set of rules and gaming principles which would need to be monitored by informed regulators.  The fact that some games may only have one tournament per year and then may never return if a newer game replaces it.   There is a complex process casinos must go through to introduce a new game, and the amount of work and cost required for an E-Sports game might not be worth the profits.  There is also the problem of cheating involving the players.  For the most part E-Sports players survive on endorsements and most players in major tournaments have no or very little income coming from their activity.   This is a recipe for disaster for any type of sports gambling.