Legal Legislation For USA Casino Sites Online


Online gambling at casinos in the USA  is pretty much a grey area when it comes to the legal aspects. The good news is that plenty of online casinos in offshore regions gladly accept players from America. This article explores some of the legal aspects of online casinos in the US. And, why they are popular with players from the United States.

Yes, USA casinos online are legal but it depends on a few factors. Let’s give you a bit of background history as to how it all started. Remember that nasty piece of legislation called the UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act)? 

The sole purpose of the UIGEA now prevents American banks from clearing credit card payments from online casinos based offshore. Basically, the UIGEA was implemented for security reasons after 9/11. Now, the more important question.

If I’m from America can I gamble at online casinos with an offshore license? Before we press on, what do we mean with an “offshore license”? There are three main governing bodies that license online casinos in the US

They are Curacao, Costa Rica, and Panama. But, we can also add a fourth one namely Antigua and Barbados. Curacao Even though it’s not as popular as the other three jurisdictions. Online casinos in the US that have a license here are legal. They pay their license fees and each governing body checks if they don’t flout their gambling laws. However, it’s not as easy as it sounds. Because no jurisdiction is equal.

Does your state allow gambling online? There are a few states that legalized online casino gambling in America. They are Delaware, New Jersey, Nevada, and Louisiana. More importantly, there is no federal in the United States that outlaws internet gambling. So, before you register an account at an online casino in the US. Check if your state allows online gambling. And, you must be at least 21 years old.

Will The USA Government Prosecute Me?

The short answer is, no. To date, the US government has not arrested any person who plays at licensed online casinos abroad. However, the US government went after dodgy poker operators (Full Tilt Poker, Poker Stars and Absolute Poker). But, that was many years ago. The owners of the said poker sites laundered money and they refused to pay their players. As a result, this prompted the US government to take action. The rest, as they say, is history.

Future of USA Online Gambling?

Now for the billion-dollar question. Will the Federal Government legalize online gambling at a national level again? Without trying to sound blunt, no it won’t. The government said that it’s not going to legalize online gambling at a national level anymore. It’s now up to each individual state to license online casino gambling.

Only a few states regulated gambling online to date while some states have proposed bills lying on their tables. As long as the states continue to drag their feet to legalize gambling online. Offshore online casinos are happy to fill the void and their future looks bright.

Why Online Casinos In The US?

First of all, because they are legal. Each online casino has a license in either Curacao, Panama, or Costa Rica. They may not be as sharp as the UKGC or the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta. Yet, they pay on time. They offer certified casino games which means that they are safe to play.

New depositors receive a bonus on their first deposit. The bonus entails a match offer of 100% up to 500% coupled with Free Spins. Once you become a loyal depositor you earn comps. Cashback of up to 20% on your losses, and you receive special bonuses. There are rewards schemes for high roller casino players. Therefore, VIPs get special treatment such as extra comps, faster withdrawals, and exclusive bonuses.

What To Do If The Casino Refuses To Pay?

When it comes to online casinos in the US some of them don’t pay their players on time. Or, they simply refuse to pay, period. Just so that we’re clear, more than 90% of the USA online casinos pay their players. Okay, so what must you do if the online casino refuses to pay you? Contact the casino manager first.

Explain to him or her that you did play within the ambit of the online casino in the US’ T&Cs. To give your case more credence, accompany your complaint with a screenshot of the game you played. Now, if the casino still refuses to pay you, what now? Your next course of action is to contact industry watchdog sites such as Affiliate Guard Dog or Casino Meister. Start a thread under the appropriate section. 

Give a brief explanation as to why the online casino in the US refuses to pay you. Note, you must have a legitimate complaint. The majority of the complaints hurled at online casinos are from bonus abusers. When they abuse the casino’s bonus terms, the casino canceled their bonus and associated winnings. They become disgruntled and slate the casino on every gambling forum while they’re to blame.